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| name    = Jonas's house
| image = Joneas house.jpg
| appearances    =
'''The Library'''
*[[My Name Is Jonas]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Bored At Home]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Happy Thanksgiving]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Trust Issues]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[The Anti-Cribs]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Your Decision]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Tough Cookie]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Bree Phone Home]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[Skateboarding]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[Bree's Gone]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Roadtrip]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[My Dad Said...]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[45 Seconds]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Purple Monkey Returns]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Hiding In The Bathroom]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[Bree And I Hooked Up]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Kicked Out]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Daniel’s A Liar]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[Time To Grow Up]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[For The Ladies]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Storm The Castle]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Rescuing Daniel]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[Valentine's Day Massacre]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Comfort Food]] - {{init|Daniel}}
'''The Rest of Jonas's House'''
*[[Bored At Home]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[The Anti-Cribs]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Cheer Me Up]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[Skateboarding]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[Mystery Movies]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[Christmas Surprise]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Roadtrip]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Purple Monkey Returns]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Foosball]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Kicked Out]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Truth Or Dare]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[Hungover]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Foosball Battle]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[For The Ladies]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Daniel's Missing!]] - {{init|Bree}}
*[[Drinking Problems]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Watch This!]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Comfort Food]] - {{init|Daniel}}
*[[Oh, The Places You'll Go]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Opening the Box]] - {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Entertaining Myself]] - {{init|Sarah}}
*[[lonelygirl15 Season Finale 1 of 12 – 8 am]] - {{init|12in12}}
*[[Speak to Me!]] -  {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Hey Dad]] -  {{init|Jonas}}
*[[Way of the Gun]] -  {{init|LaRezisto}}
[[Jonas]] became a lead character after [[Gemma]]'s disappearance.  '''Jonas's house''' has been a major backdrop since [[Daniel]] and [[Bree]] have joined him there.  His house is large and in a remote area in [[1500 Miles|Seahaven, CA]], which is north of San Francisco.  He inherited it from his parents when they where lost at sea.  Most of the videos take place in the library, though some take place in the living room or outside, such as the video [[Skateboarding]]. [[The Creators]] have revealed that the the house is actually [[Kenneth Goodfried]]'s house.
==Images of Jonas's House==
===His Dad's Study===
In the first picture, Here we see Jonas talking on his webcam in his library on [[Happy Thanksgiving|Thanksgiving]].
In the second picture, in [[Trust Issues]], we again see what may be key elements of Jonas's library (besides all the books on the bookshelf):
*Polaroid camera
*Boxing gloves
*What appears to be a statue of some kind
This video features Jonas wearing a distinctive "sailors cap/Argyle hat".
In [[Trust Issues]], we also see a clock set to [[7:10]].  Now, if the clock is actually set to 7:11 then perhaps the [[Orange Slurpee]] [[cult]] is onto something.
Image: Ti jonas room.jpg|Major elements
Image: Ti clock.jpg|Clock set to [[7:10]]
===The Rest of the House===
Image:CheerMeUp.gif|The living room
Image:JonasBackyard.jpg|The backyard
Image:0202-SarahBoredOutOfMyMind.jpg|Sarah's bedroom
Image:0195-Jonas-Kitchen.jpg|The kitchen
Image:0116-Jonas-Exterior.jpg|The exterior
Image:0112-Jonas-Bathroom.jpg|The bathroom

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