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The K-Team is a nickname for the group of the main protaganists in the KateModern series.

The nickname was coined by KateModern fan Houdini on the KateModern forum in a discussion of what to call the characters. The K-Team is a reference to the 1980s action television show, the A-Team. The K-Team tag is also similar to lonelygirl15's BDJ, or as Tachyon might say, TAAG.

The name was first used in the series itself in Orivwa, in which Julia uses it to describe herself and her friends.

Official Members

Unofficial Members

  • Terrence (Fought the Order with Gavin and Tariq, later companion to Steve) (Betrayal)
  • Meryl (Involved in many K-Team conflicts)
  • Jeremy (Loyal companion to Steve)
  • Anthony (Proven loyal on trip to Paris)

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