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Following the events of The Last Work, crew member Kelly Brett announced that the KateModern team would be releasing a DVD containing videos from Season One of the series to fans. 1,000 copies of the DVDs were printed and were released to fans on a first-come, first-serve basis. The DVDs were originally intended as promotional material to be given to prospective in-show advertisers and media outlets, but the idea was later scrapped for unknown reasons.

The DVD comes in a 768x576 pixel format (standard 4x3), which is a vast difference from the original releases' 320x240 pixel format. The complete DVD has a run time of 58:53. The background music for several videos has been altered or changed.


The DVD has a simplistic menu, with the KateModern logo and a single option entitled "Play Episodes". When the option is selected, an old-looking film reel rolls and the episodes begin.

The first thing seen is the phrase "KateModern is online . KateModern.bebo.com"

The videos contained on the DVD are, in order: