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Season One

Who is Kate?

Kate, otherwise known as AbstractHeart, is an art university student in her twenties living in London. She begins blogging by posting an art video to her Bebo page. She likes pigeons, and has recently been through a difficult breakup with her ex-boyfriend. She has a new boyfriend named Tariq, and lives with a messy Australian roommate, named Charlie.

Soon into her blogs, Kate reveals that her name is not actually Kate. Meanwhile, Tariq and Gavin have left their jobs to start up their own business. When Tariq sees Kate's video, he is understandably upset at having been lied to. Kate responds, saying that, though she had never intended to change her name, she has now become Kate, and can no longer consider herself anything else. She and Tariq work things over.

Kate explains that, when she was younger, she had recurring nightmares and was forced to take medication. She goes on to say that she has had to visit another doctor recently because her nightmares have returned and that he wanted to take a blood sample. Charlie decides to cheer Kate up by making some Sangas. Kate soon decides to visit her ex-boyfriend to talk about the recent nightmares she had been having, sparking a heated argument between herself and Tariq.

Kate's Memories

Kate posts a blog the following day, saying that she had gone to see the specialist about her blood sample and had just woken up in a bed wearing the same clothes and unable to remember what had happened. Kate becomes alienated from Charlie and Tariq, who refuse to believe that she cannot remember. She becomes friends with a new guy named Steve at the local library while researching memory loss, and they work together to attempt to recover her memories, though neither Charlie nor Tariq approve.

Charlie throws a party, where Gavin hopes to hook up with her. Despite her warnings, Kate decides to bring Steve along, and Gavin and Tariq discover pamphlets for the Hymn of One in his bag. Tariq attacks Steve, accusing the Hymn of One of abducting young girls. Steve then posts a blog explaining that he simply wants to help Kate recover her memories and his religion has nothing to do with it. Kate sides with Steve, and Tariq leaves the city to calm down.

Charlie expresses concern about Steve to Gavin, who promises to look into Kate's situation for her. Gavin watches videos from lonelygirl15 and deducts that Kate is most likely trait positive. He and Charlie attempt to warn Kate before she goes with Steve to see the specialist, but soon discover that they've been locked into the office and issue a request for viewers to go and stop Kate before it's too late. While locked in the office, Gavin and Charlie post numerous videos playing games, and eventually sleep together. At the specialist's office, several viewers show up with Sophie to stop Kate. Tariq shows up and Kate comes out as the specialist is found to be dead. Charlie begins to suspect that Steve's appearance had more to do with the Hymn of One than he claims.

Kate's Blood

Kate, taking note of Charlie's suspicions, no longer trusts Steve's motivation and knocks him out with a frying pan. Kate then holds him prisoner, with Tariq and Charlie joining her in questioning him. Steve reveals that the Hymn of One asked him to protect her and that Gavin had once gone to a Hymn of One meeting.

In an effort to do a favor for Kate, Gavin and Tariq meet with Steve to apologize. Steve appeals to Kate that he wishes to help her recover her memories and Gavin gets irritated by Kate taking time away from their business. Gavin decides to go to the specialist's home, where he meets with his son Dudley; Kate later recognizes Dudley as the police officer on the scene at the death of her specialist. She decides to call the phone number on the policeman's business card, which she finds leads to a pizza delivery service.

Charlie posts a blog, stating that she recently had a pregnancy scare from her time with Gavin. Gavin replies with a video in which he is stunned. Meanwhile, Kate notices a black van parked outside of her flat at night, taking pictures. She later shows Tariq the van parked outside of her flat, and the two are startled by a pizza delivery with only a disc found inside the box.

Kate posts the picture found on the disc to her Bebo profile and it is discovered that it contains a message as to a time and place to meet. Kate goes to the meeting place with Charlie and tells Tariq off as she gets into the car with Dudley. Dudley leads them into the English countryside, where they meet with his father, Dr. William Griffin (the specialist who saw Kate). Dr. Griffin explains to Kate that she has trait positive blood, which is sought after by members in the Order and that it is astonishing she has lived this long. Kate and Charlie run as Dudley mentions that someone has found them and they are left to take the train back to London.

Kate's Exit

Back in London, Charlie and Gavin finally become a couple. Kate is confronted by Dudley to warn her against attending her art show that weekend; she, of course, laughs at his advice. Gavin and Tariq set out to get their love lives back in order, while Kate asks viewers to attend her upcoming art exhibit. At the exhibit, Kate meets with her idol Michelle Clore, but the meeting is interrupted by a shooter, vowing to take down the Order.

Charlie decides to take Kate's mind off of the art exhibit by going on holiday, and the two head to Devon. While in Devon, the pair meet with the band The Days, and Kate shoots a music video for them. Back in London, Gavin and Tariq vie for the attention of Julia, who works in the Orange shop. After reminding Gavin of Charlie, Tariq goes on a date with her.

When Charlie and Kate return to London, Kate secretly meets with Michelle Clore. Kate leaves in a hurry following her meeting with Michelle Clore, and, when Charlie confronts her, she tells Charlie to leave her alone. Hurt and confused, Charlie takes Gavin to interrupts a date between Tariq and Julia, informing them that Kate has gone. Tariq becomes irritated and tells them that he doesn't care, as Kate made her own decision. Charlie then attempts to get Steve's attention, who assures her that the Hymn of One has nothing to do with Kate's leaving.

Enter the Order

Dr. Griffin and Dudley soon contact Charlie, informing her that they believe Kate to be with Michelle Clore and that Michelle is likely an Elder in the Order. To prove their case, Charlie is told to "look closely" at Clore's work, which is an autostereogram of the Hymn of One symbol. Charlie begs anyone willing to help to get in touch with her, and Steve and Tariq begin helping Charlie to research the matter further.

After having been followed by Kate's Watcher, Steve asks Charlie and Tariq to meet him to reveal his stalker. The Watcher comes after Steve and Charlie, but Tariq runs him down with the Watcher's van. The team fearfully loads into the van and drives off, discovering the Watcher's laptop inside. Hiding from the Order, Charlie, Steve, and Tariq camp out in the woods and Charlie appeals to Gavin to help them hack into the laptop. Steve becomes frightened and tries to take off in the middle of the night with the laptop, sparking a battle between himself and Tariq. Meanwhile, Gavin has come down with an illness and begs them to return. Charlie, seeing that Gavin will not be able to aide them, seeks help from Dr. Griffin. Dr. Griffin and Dudley appear, not to help them to hack the laptop, but rather to steal the Watcher's notes. They manage to run away from the assailants only to find a text message on Charlie's phone from Kate.

Kate meets with Charlie, telling her that she is going to America to study art with Michelle. Kate tells Charlie that she had gone away because she needed to clear her head, and that Charlie should stop trying to follow her. Angered, Charlie accuses Kate of being a selfish friend and storms off. Kate later interrupts Tariq's birthday, angering him as well. She leaves as Julia enters, after telling Tariq not to worry about her anymore.

Charlie gets in touch with Spencer from America, who promises to supply Charlie with some trait negative serum to make Kate undesirable to the Order. After discovering Charlie's plan, Steve races to their flat in order to stop her. When he arrives, he discovers Dr. Griffin and Dudley entering the building. He tries to stop Kate from going inside, but fails. Moments later, he sees Dudley fall to his death. Charlie follows Kate from the building as Kate tells her that she had pushed Dudley because he was hurting Charlie. Kate then jumps on Dr. Griffin, begging him to leave her alone. While she is distracted, Charlie injects Kate with the trait negative serum. Both Dr. Griffin and Kate run away, leaving Charlie alone.

Project Orwell

Charlie soon vlogs that she has gotten into trouble for videoing while at work, and needs to come up with a campaign for their latest client or face termination. She gets Gavin and the new work-experience trainee Lee to help her make a viral ad for the client, which goes horribly awry. When she gets home, Charlie discovers that she's been evicted for failure to pay the rent. A cryptic new art video is released by Kate to her Bebo account. Gavin surprises Charlie at work, and much to her protest, gets her to come out with him. Much to her surprise, he has rented Charlie's former flat and offers to become her new roommate.

Charlie manages to save her job by shooting a video for Pantene. Meanwhile, at Gavin and Tariq's office, Lee is treated as a slave. Gavin creates a game to humiliate Lee using suggestions from his Bebo friends. As retribution, Lee leaks the corporate video and steals the top secret software when he is asked to back it up and discovers that there are no back ups currently in place. Lee demands an apology in exchange for the return of the software.

Fearing the worst, Gavin and Tariq go to Aunt Joan's house and get drunk. The pair go to apologize to Lee, much to Gavin's dismay. Lee then reveals he doesn't have the software with him, and Gavin tries to attack him. Tariq attempts to calm Gavin, who then attacks Tariq. The shady investor Gavin borrowed money from for their software then comes for his money and threatens personal injury.

Lee decides to force Gavin and Tariq to play a game in order to recover their software and issues a clue as to where to meet him. At the meeting spot, Gavin and Tariq both show up to find a gnome with a second clue on it. They fight and Julia and Charlie are forced to break it up. At the second meeting spot, Sophie discovers another gnome with yet another clue, but must act fast to avoid a run-in with Terrence. The next meeting spot has Tariq and Gavin meet yet again. Tariq wishes to attempt an apology to Lee, while Gavin wishes to bash his face in with a golf club. Lee sees Gavin arrive and has a woman he meets take the next gnome to the waiting crowd. For the next meeting location, Sophie manages to convince Gavin to stay away and goes in his stead. However, she is distracted by a bouquet of flowers Lee leaves for her and a Watcher manages to steal the gnome before she can read the clue.

In light of Sophie's failure, Lee decides to offer one last chance to recover the software for Gavin and Tariq. Charlie discovers a gnome in front of her flat's door and Julia quickly decodes the clue. The pair decide to go without their boyfriends to confront Lee and spot him as he is leaving a gnome at the meeting spot. Charlie grabs the gnome and runs after Lee. Charlie attempts to reason with Lee to give her the software, and he bargains that he'll hand over the software in exchange for a kiss. Charlie relents and, following the kiss, Terrence appears and knocks Lee over the head with the gnome. Charlie and Julia begin to run away, but then feel bad for Lee and return in time to hear Lee confess that the software is hidden within the final gnome. Charlie grabs the gnome and scrambles down the stairs, with Terrence in hot pursuit. They reach the front of the building only to be met by a Watcher who steals the software and drives away.

Dr. Griffin and the List

Following the massive treasure hunt for the software, the K-Team try to sink back into normal life. Unfortunately for Charlie, she is living with a manic depressant now that the software has been lost; Gavin has his eyes set on revenge. They have a massive fight and Gavin storms off. Charlie is confronted by a journalist interested in covering Kate's story, who she quickly slags off. Patricia then interrupts a date between Tariq and Julia, phishing for information, but Tariq denies his identity. Meanwhile, in his psychotic state, Gavin sets up a wall of hate, documenting everyone that he feels has wronged him. Patricia approaches Gavin for information, but is quickly sent packing when she touches the sore spot regarding his software.

Charlie decides to take action against Patricia and calls her out to annoy her. Patricia, however, has information regarding Dr. Griffin, and Charlie decides to go along with her to meet him in order to get more information. At the pre-arranged meeting, Dr. Griffin explains that he had been part of an experiment on girls to turn them trait positive. He goes on to say that the serum he used turned on the girls' immune systems and that the remaining living girls had less than a few months to live. He hands Charlie a flash drive with the list of living girls, but she refuses to take it; Patricia grabs it instead.

A few days later, Patricia shows up at Charlie's flat to explain that the documentary she'd been working on had been shelved. True to her word, she handed over all of the footage and research she had collected to Charlie, including the list of girls. Charlie decides to take matters into her own hands and find the girls herself. Meanwhile, Gavin's psychosis is worsening, and he refuses to bathe or clothe himself, and Charlie becomes worried. Charlie heads to the first girl on the list's home in order to ask her a few questions, but discovers that she has recently died. Charlie decides to confront Dr. Griffin, but discovers him dead. She is then attacked by Terrence, who steals her flash drive, believing it to be the stolen software.

Terrence meets with Gavin, demanding answers about the Watcher that stole the software and Gavin suggests that they can leverage the list of trait positive girls for the return of the software. Charlie, having discovered Gavin's plan, leaves him. Gavin posts a blog on his Bebo page, asking for suggestions on ways to get Charlie back. Acting on viewer advice, Gavin showers and shaves and goes after Charlie asking her to take him back, and she agrees. Shortly thereafter, however, the list is discovered missing and Charlie leaves, believing Gavin is to blame.

The New Year

Having nowhere else to go, Charlie sleeps over at her office, where she gets a mysterious text asking for help. Gavin and Tariq reunite and decide to put the past behind them. Charlie continues to receive cryptic text messages asking for her help, which she discovers are being sent from Steve. Charlie meets with Steve and is reunited with Kate. Steve makes Kate watch a video of Michelle Clore demanding Kate's blood test results, much to Kate's disbelief.

Meanwhile, Terrence takes Gavin to a remote location and reveals that he's captured the Watcher in a van and Gavin talks Terrence into relinquishing the flash drive to him. Over Christmas, Steve presents Kate with the Hymn of One book, "Finding the One". Gavin gives Charlie the flash drive as a present, infuriating her that he waited to give it to her. In the midst of their argument, Kate runs away with the flash drive in tow. Upset, Gavin goes out with Tariq and continues drinking. He lets Tariq know about the Watcher in the van, who they then discover is missing. This further alienates the pair.

Charlie and Steve hunt for Kate, running into Michelle Clore in their search. Patricia then contacts the two about Kate, having seen her at a homeless shelter near her home. Charlie, Kate, and Steve are briefly reunited before Kate manages to run away again. She posts a vlog from an Internet café the following day, stating that she now has help and will search for the trait positive girls on her own. Frustrated, Charlie packs her bags and heads to Australia, where she reveals that her niece, Kim, is actually her daughter.

Tariq then posts a vlog, stating that Julia has left him and that he has a new job. Gavin, reacting to Charlie's reveal decides to head to Australia to be with her. He is met at the front door by Tariq and Terrence, who drag him along with them. The three park near the Hymn of One Centre and Terrence reveals three balaclavas and two guns in the boot of his car. They storm the Centre, attempting to attack Michelle Clore, but her Shadows take Terrence down. Gavin and Tariq run from the building and Tariq tries to get some help from a pair of nearby policemen. The police mistakenly believe Tariq is being terrorized by Gavin, who is weilding an illegal firearm, and arrest Gavin.