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Season Two

Kate's Death

Charlie returns from Australia, having received news that Kate has been murdered recently. She arrives at the crime scene and breaks into tears. Julia, oblivious of Kate's death, has gotten a new job at JustIncredible.TV as a runner. She meets a bystander to the murder on a coffee run, who gives more details into the murder. Charlie, reeling from Kate's death, posts a goodbye message to Kate. Charlie, Julia and Steve bond over Kate's death.

Surprisingly, Steve is arrested as the prime suspect in Kate's murder. Sophie, having heard the news, leaves flowers at the crime scene and attempts to go cheer Charlie up. At Charlie's apartment, she runs into Gavin, who has just been released from jail. He informs her that the Order had him released in order to cover up any suspicion or connection between Kate and Michelle Clore. Sophie decides to research further into the Hymn of One and goes to the London Centre, where she runs into Steve, who has also been released from prison due to lack of evidence. He suggests that in order to conduct more proper research she should attend a meeting.

At Julia's work, it is revealed that the "internet celebrity" who will be helping to launch the channel is none other than Lee, much to her disappointment. Gavin gets a job as a pot scrubber in a local pub and is now living with Aunt Joan. At Kate's Memorial Service, many mourn over Kate's death. Steve shows up, annoying many, and decides to share a few words from "Finding the One". He is interrupted and attacked by Tariq, who accuses him of Kate's murder.

The Investigation Begins

Back at work, Charlie has been promoted to her boss's position. She is confronted at work by Steve, who begs her to help him research Kate's death with him. She is hesitant, still believing that he may have been the killer, but suggests that he start with the Internet café from her last blog. Steve manages to locate the café and snag a copy of the surveillance footage from the time Kate had been there. On the footage, he discovers Patricia had met her there.

Charlie meets with Patricia to discuss Kate's murder further, where she learns more about trait positive girls. Patricia suggests that Kate had been murdered by famed Hymn of One author Rupert Van Helden in a blood-drinking ritual similar to the Ceremony. Tariq and Steve storm in and Patricia takes off. Charlie is later visited by Patricia at her office, where she is presented with a copy of "Finding the One" and informed that Rupert Van Helden will be coming to London for a book signing.

Steve becomes obsessed with trying to clear his idol, Rupert Van Helden's name and Tariq becomes likewise obsessed with going to the book signing. At JustIncredible.TV, Julia has come up with a new show concept in which Lee would converse with spiritual leaders, and has signed Van Helden as the pilot. She suggests that she may be able have Tariq tag along. Charlie, however, has become swamped at work and must complete a new campaign on her own. Julia and Lee tag along to the campaign to film, and Lee is suckered into dressing as a giant Cadbury Creme Egg. Despite the shoot seeming to have gone wrong in every way possible, the client appears to have enjoyed it and Charlie is granted a small holiday.

Charlie interviews for a new roommate and chooses the first candidate, Kyle, when Lee appears asking for an interview. She then decides to buy a new car with the extra money from her promotion. After being bothered by Steve, Charlie storms into her flat to find an unexpected (and naked) house guest named Niall.

Julia is enfuriated when her boss attempts to use her in a show with a bikini-clad host. She angrily keeps her job and she, Lee, and Tariq show up to interview Rupert Van Helden, who then claims to have had nothing to do with Kate's murder. Back at the flat, Charlie discovers her new roommates are far more than she bargained for. She is visited by Rupert Van Helden at home, who consoles her for Kate's death. Rupert later meets Steve at the crime scene and offers to spend some time with Steve, much to Steve's delight.

At JustIncredible.TV, Gavin takes a job that Tariq had interviewed for. This frightens Lee and develops a rift between Gavin and Tariq. Tariq later shows up at Julia's office where he informs her that he will be leaving for India to clear his head. Julia becomes visibly upset as he leaves, but is forced into a meeting with Charlie about the channel's promotion, where it is decided that she, Charlie, Lee, and Gavin will leave on a nationwide tour of the UK's universities.

Rupert surprises Steve by taking him to the anti-Order movement's headquarters, which turns out to be the home of Dr. Griffin's nephew. Rupert threatens legal action if the movement continues to slander the Hymn of One, to which they reluctantly agree. Before Steve has time to congratulate Rupert, however, Rupert leaves, stating that he has important business to attend to in America.

Juggling Work and the Investigation

On the roadtrip for promoting JustInredible.TV, the gang attempts to shoot new footage for the channel. At the first stop in Manchester, Gavin's friends fail to show up to be in the "audience", which sparks a fight between Lee and Gavin. Gavin is then forced to share a hotel room with Lee, prompting him to spend the night in Charlie's car. In Leeds, Lee sparks another fight with Gavin and accidentally swallows a peanut. He gets an extreme allergic reaction from the nut and Gavin saves the day by giving Lee an adrenaline injenction and then taking him to the hospital.

The following night, Charlie admits that she can no longer sleep without knowing what happened to Kate and that she wishes to focus on solving the mystery. In Edinburgh, Julia stages a "touch the car" contest to give away Charlie's car as a promotion. The event is ruined when Charlie hops in the car and drives off without saying a word. Gavin discovers that Michelle Clore is in town exhibiting some of Kate's work and they run off to find Charlie. At the exhibit, Charlie confronts Michelle, who claims to have been out of the country at the time of Kate's murder. As they leave the exhibit, Michelle suggests Steve may have had a role in the murder.

Returning home, Charlie finds her apartment ashambles with Kyle and Niall passed out drunk in the living room. She kicks them out only to discover an eviction notice hidden in the mess. Steve takes to drinking, after having been accused of murder by his religion. Stumbling to the steps of the Hymn of One London Centre, he meets Terrence, now renamed "Terry", who has become a devout member of the Hymn of One. Steve later shows up drunk at Charlie's flat, begging her to let him in and reveals that he loved Kate.

Charlie, rattled from Steve and her nightmares, attempts to handle a promotion for the band Scouting for Girls. Lee attempts to help and, while Charlie gets locked in the bathroom at the BBC Radio 1 station, he manages to pull off the promotion for her. With her work seemingly out of the way, Charlie focuses on Kate's murder and begins to suspect Kate's ex-boyfriend, Tim, may have been involved. At JustIncredible.TV, Gavin receives a package which he recently sent out, confusingly to have Justin take it from him. Steve makes a final attempt to get Charlie to aide him in searching for Kate's killer by showing up at her office with Terry. She is still scared over the time he came to her flat, however, and she has her co-workers throw him out.

Finding the Girls from the List

Charlie goes to Brighton Beach with Gavin to meet with Tim and ask him about Kate's murder. Gavin decides to take advantage of the situation and attempt to reconcile with Charlie. She meets with Tim, who seems genuinely upset by the news of Kate's death, leading them back to square one. Gavin attempts to cheer Charlie up, but she notices a front page article about a recent string of kidnappings and takes off without him.

At JustIncredible.TV, Gavin reveals that the staff has never received pay for their work, and suspects Justin of running a scam to defraud the government with the company. He then attempts to cheer up Charlie by taking her out to lunch, but discovers her deeply engrossed in the news of the recent kidnappings. Frustrated by the lack of pay, Gavin stages a strike at JustIncredible.TV.

Steve and Terry decide to take matters into their own hands without Charlie willing to help them and go to the house of the last kidnapped girl in order to ask her family some questions. There they meet Lauren, the girl's sister, who is also one of the girls who had been manufactured trait positive by Dr. Griffin. They attempt to convince her she's in danger and she tells them off. Charlie sees Steve's video and goes with Julia to meet with Lauren. Unlike Steve, Charlie manages to convince Lauren to go with her to a clinic for help the next day.

When Charlie goes to Lauren's flat to pick her up, Steve and Terry are there, attempting to spy on Lauren. She comes out and tells all of them to go away, swinging a cricket bat in self-defense. Meanwhile, Gavin stages an uprising with the striking staff members at JustIncredible.TV. They attempt to confront Justin, only to discover he has gone and has left the company to Lee. Lee is arrested by Customs officers while the workers greedily steal office equipment.

Lauren soon shows up at Charlie's office, where she is told about Dr. Griffin's study in detail. She storms off in disbelief and later posts a video begging for her sister's release. Charlie then vlogs that she keeps receiving missed calls from Kate's phone number. She later receives a voicemail of Kate being killed, and vows revenge on the killer.

Precious Blood

Charlie decides to go to Lauren's flat and pretend to be Lauren when the killer shows up. Gavin reluctantly goes with her, only to discover Lauren being kidnapped by Steve and Terry when the arrive. Charlie speeds off, leaving Gavin behind once again. Frantic, Charlie goes to Julia's house looking for an internet connection. She discovers Rupert Van Helden half-naked in Julia's bed and decides to leave, irritated. Julia later explains that she and Rupert have been dating for a while and are in love. Rupert then appeals to Steve to bring Lauren to him.

Steve then posts a video explaining that he and Terry decided to take Lauren in order to protect her. Meanwhile, Charlie meets Gavin at a pub, where they make up. Terry shows up and begs them to stop Steve, claiming that Steve had tried to frame him as the killer. Charlie and Gavin go with Terry to an abandoned nuclear bunker in the countryside. Terry leads them deep into the bunker, where Charlie discovers Kate's phone in his bag. "Terry" then punches and kicks Gavin and reveals that he had not reformed and is, in fact, Kate's killer.

Terrence then posts a video explaining that he was recruited by Michelle Clore as a Shadow apprentice and that he had been asked to bring Kate to her. He claims Kate's death an accident and brings Steve and Lauren out as hostages. Steve fights Terrence and escapes with Lauren. Once Lauren is safe, however, he runs back into the bunker and Charlie follows. In the bunker, Charlie discovers a video of Michelle Clore speaking in an unknown language and pockets it. She meets up with Steve and the two are repeatedly chased through the bunker by Kate's Watcher and Michelle Clore's Shadow.

Charlie and Steve escape the bunker unharmed and return to Steve's flat, where they share a kiss. Charlie later posts a video leaving Steve's flat, wherein she is kidnapped by Terrence, who posts a puzzle for viewers to solve. Sophie conducts a chat to solve the puzzle and viewers conclude that Terrence is holding Charlie at Aunt Joan's house. Lee finds Gavin, Lauren, and Steve and they head to save Charlie. At Aunt Joan's house, Terrence threatens to incinerate the house with them inside, but he is taken down by Kate's Watcher and Michelle's Shadow. Gavin, hurt after seeing Charlie with Steve, kicks them all out. Steve then leaves, claiming that he has found his purpose, leaving Charlie crying with Lauren and Lee. Terrence later posts a video, showing that he has killed Kate's Watcher and he runs off into the night.

Fighting the Order

Recouping from the events from Precious Blood, Julia and Rupert hold a celebration for the Hymn of One's Day of the Eternal Song. The celebration is unceremoniously interrupted by Steve, who accuses Rupert of leading people astray and denounces the religion. Meanwhile, Charlie, Lauren, and Lee now live together in a new flat. Lauren is left to take a cocktail of medication in order to stave off death due to being an artificial trait positive girl, and she vows to fight the Order. Soon thereafter, Julia is surprised by Rupert as he shockingly proposes. She is reluctant, but decides to accept.

Lauren discovers the lonelygirl15 videos online, and Steve answers a plea by Jonas to find a coat of arms the TAAG recently discovered in connection to Bree's Elder. Steve and Lauren soon discover that a man named Lord Carruthers must be connected to the coat of arms and contact the TAAG with the new information. Jonas quickly comes to London alone to meet with Steve. The two discover information about Carruthers from the Hymn of One London Centre, and go to his workplace. While they are thrown from the building, Steve decides to confront Rupert about Carruthers. Rupert denies any knowledge regarding the Hymn of One member, and refuses to divulge any information he may have. Steve and Jonas leave, dejected, only to be attacked by a drive-by shooter.

Lauren and Lee throw a party for Jonas, much to Charlie's displeasure. Jonas take the opportunity to unwind and ends up kissing Charlie. Steve becomes irritated and forces Jonas to leave. The following day, Lauren shows the DVD of Michelle Clore to Jonas, and they issue a plea to viewers to translate Clore's speech. The speech is quickly translated, revealing a disturbing message, calling for the assassination of Jonas, Daniel, Sarah, Gina, or Jennie. Worried, Jonas decides to head back to LA, only to have another near-death experience with a shooter. Steve saves Jonas's life, and Jonas convinces Steve to go back with him. The two decide to cross illegally into California to throw would-be assassins from their trail, only to be shot at yet again. While the TAAG manages to escape unharmed, Steve is shot in the arm.

Taylor discovers that the assassin's car was a secret service vehicle registered to a local politician, Edward Salinas. After Daniel is shocked by a message from Salinas, Jonas forms a plan to kidnap him. Daniel becomes paranoid and accuses Steve of tipping the assassins off to their whereabouts. At a Salinas fund raiser, the TAAG manages to get Salinas alone, but Steve, who was assigned to knock Salinas unconscious with a tire iron, freezes and they are left to run from Salinas's body guards. The following day, Daniel becomes so enraged with Steve that he convinces Jonas to leave him on the side of the road.

Things Fall Apart

Following his return to London, Steve starts a new movement, The Celestial Network. This brings strain into all of his current relationships, enticing people to ridicule his ideas. Lee and Lauren, attempting to help Charlie feel better, set up a dinner party, accidentally inviting both Gavin and Steve, which results in a shouting match when Charlie is too busy with work. Meanwhile, Julia prepares for her Unity Bond with Rupert, leaving people to wonder what Rupert's intentions are. Charlie eventually reconciles Julia and attends her hen party with Lauren, Lee, and Sophie. At the party, Gavin gets Charlie drunk and the two end up making out, while Julia explains her reasons for wanting to marry Rupert. At the wedding, Steve pretends to be Rupert in order to convince Julia not to go through with the ceremony. Charlie leaves with Steve, and Rupert and Julia are bonded. Gavin drowns his sorrows regarding Charlie in alcohol and ruins the party.

Following the Unity Bond, Gavin falls into paranoia and believes that, not only is Kate not dead, she is orchestrating the events of their lives, turning it into an internet TV show. Charlie and Steve go to find Gavin, as they are concerned with his mental health, and offer to find him help. Gavin says that he needs to show them something, and ends up tackling a woman that he thinks is Kate, only to find out she is a random woman. Jules posts a video upset, re-stating that her black eye was a coconut related injury and that they are being silly about it, that rupert would never hurt her. Charlie admits in a video that Gavin has gotten the help he needs, and apologizes to Jules for thinking what she thought. Charlie gets more and more frustrated with Steve, the Celestial Network, and Steve's constant filming when she is trying to talk to him in private. She admits she doesn't think that it will work with Steve due to his network, but they end up spending a day in the park cuddling. Charlie's frustrations get deeper when Steve asks her for money, then comes home from work only to find Steve and the Celestial network in her flat.

Lauren admits to Lee that she feels as if someone is watching her, and she is tired of taking the pills to keep her trait positive because she doesn't want the order to control her life anymore. On a fun day with the crew, Lauren gets angry after they discuss the fact that Lauren's Bebo page says she has a boyfriend that none of them ever met, and storms off. Later that evening, Charlie returns to the flat, to find a note on the front door from Lauren stating that she just needs to get away for a little bit.

Following a clue to a random Bebo page hidden in Laurens letter, Charlie sees a video of Lauren being watched for quite some time. Charlie also shows a news clip that reports that Michelle Clore is dead. Charlie fears the worst, that Terrence has Lauren. Charlie and Lee set out looking for Lauren with no avail, and return home. They then hear a thump on the front door. Michelle Clore's shadow bursts in demanding that they tell him where Lauren is. After a quick sweep of the apartment, the shadow leaves.Lee feels scared after what happened with the shadow, so he calls his brother Anthony aka Toe. Toe threatens to bring harm to the shadow or to anyone who messes with the Phillips family.

Terrence then uploads a video of himself with a bloody bandage on his right shoulder, stating that he has some interesting footage to show. The footage shows Lauren on the roof of a building meeting up with Michelle Clore and her shadow. Michelle asks where "he is", that if he wants the drugs he has to hurry. After a moment of waiting, Michelle Clore decides that she has waited long enough and directs her shadow to grab Lauren, and to come back for the cooler they brought with them. Terrence then comes to the roof and beats the watcher with a golf club until the watcher is unconscious. Michelle tells Terrence it didn't have to go like this, Terrence stated that she shouldn't have invited him there. Michelle responds that Terrence invited her there, Terrence then states that he didn't even take Lauren. At that moment, Jeffrey and Raymond, the two kids running the FTO (Fight the Order), emerge with guns blazing. The next scene shows Michelle Clore and Terrence "dead" on the ground, as Lauren runs off. Terrence, though believed to be dead, makes it out alive, and tracks down Jeffery and Raymond, and ties them up in their own headquarters. The last we see of Jeffrey and Raymond, Terrence has pulled out a blowtorch and makes it clear that he and Raymond won't be making it out alive. Terrence then turns to the camera and states that Lauren is next.

Lee thinks that the Bebo community doesn't like his brother, Anthony, so he decides to set up a little interview. During the interview, Charlie bursts into the flat, and says that she got a call from Lauren, grabs the camera, and runs out of the flat, with Lee and Toe following. They meet Lauren in an underground tunnel where Lauren proceeds to Explain that the FTO guys Jeffery and Raymond contacted Lauren with the plan to film Lauren to make it look like Terrence took her. Then they emailed Michelle Clore pretending to be Terrence and said that he was the one that kidnapped Lauren and that he wanted to swap her for the Shadow Drugs that Terrence was hooked on. The FTO then managed to get hold of Terrence pretending to be working for Michelle Clore and they said that they'd seen him kidnap Lauren and wondered if he'd be interested in a swap. Charlie, Lee, and Toe ensure Lauren that everything would be OK and took her home.

Saving Julia

Julia posts a goodbye video to Charlie and everyone stating that Rupert got a job abroad and that she would be leaving soon for good. Charlie and Lauren notice that in Julia's Video, they could see Michelle Clore's watcher in the mirror walking around her room, and decide that they should go warn her that she is in danger after Julia didn't answer their calls. They ring the buzzer at Julia and Rupert's place, and repeatedly ring the doorbell, but there is no answer. Charlie and Lauren go to the back of the building where they see Rupert yelling at Julia and the Shadow for getting the shadow caught on video, that it will ruin his image and grabs Julia violently. Charlie decides that her and Lauren need to leave. As they are nearing the car, they notice the shadow snooping around outside, seeing Charlie's car. They wait until the watcher goes back inside and run to the car, deciding they would take the footage to the police, but get no help. Charlie and Lauren go back to Rupert's, but Julia, Rupert, and the Shadow were all gone. They found a video from Julia's phone apologizing to Charlie that she has been so stupid, that that is the real Rupert, and warns Charlie to be careful because Rupert has gone mad. She also states that Rupert is taking her to Paris, but she does not know why. Rupert then bursts into the room and lunges at Julia as she screams, then the video cut out. Charlie declares that she is going to make Rupert pay.

Charlie tries to seek Steve for help, but he is again filming with his Celestial Network Cameraman, Jeremy, making Charlie run off. Steve realizes his ways and decides to end the Celestial Network for good. Charlie, Steve, Lee, Toe, Lauren and Sophie all meet up to discuss who will go look for Julia in Paris. Lee and Sophie decide they should be the ones to stay behind, while Charlie, Steve, Toe, and Lauren take off to Paris. Charlie notices that they are being followed in the car, and when they try to make an escape, they almost hit Terrence standing in the middle of the Road, while the car following pulls up behind them. Michelle Clore's Shadow then comes out of nowhere and tackles Terrence, punching him repeatedly, as Charlie takes off.

In Paris, Charlie receives an e-mail which they think is from Julia, initiating a meeting point. When they arrive, they notice a watcher standing on the bridge. Toe decides it is time to stand up to him, and walks over as the rest of the crew is hiding and filming everything. Toe walks up to the shadow and talks to him, and they both walk off. Charlie follows them, and films them going into a bar. After a few moments, only the watcher comes out. Steve chases after the shadow to ensure they don't lose him, and leaves Charlie and Lauren behind. Charlie runs to the phone booth the shadow made a call at before walking off, and hits redial, getting Julia on the other line. As Charlie tries to ask where she is, Julia is talking like she can't understand them, and explains that no one lives there by that name, they have the wrong number. Charlie realizes that Jules left her a clue to her Gabcast page where Jules explains she will try to escape from Michelle Clore's last exhibit when Rupert is making his speech, and for Charlie to be ready. As Charlie and Lauren pull up, they see Steve there and asks how he knew they would be there. He said he heard about the exhibit and decided to give it a try. Charlie then notices Julia and a shadow getting into a car and taking off. Following the car, they end up in a bad part of Paris, where they get hassled by some thugs. Then a shadow appears chasing off the thugs, and tells the crew to follow him. The shadow brings them to a room where they find Jules and Toe, where Jules explained her bodyguard wanted to help her. They take Toe and Jules and hit the road.

At a gas station, everyone goes to use the facilities, and returns to see two policemen searching charlies car. She is then arrested and taken away, as another officer takes Charlie's car as well. Steve, Anthony, Julia, and Lauren set out to find what police station Charlie was taken to. In a cafe, Lauren hears something on the radio in french that she thinks is about charlie and Captures it on her phone. The crew asks for help decipering the language to discover Charlie was arrested in relation to the robbery at Michelle Clore's last work, where Charlies car was reportedly spotted.

The Last Works