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Created by Jenni Powell, PJ Scott-Blankenship, Mike Frankson, and Adam Daroff
Helen Keller Andie Bolt
Annie Sullivan Anna Vocino
Clownenbrau Clown Adam Daroff
Production Crew
Head Writer/Producer Jenni Powell
Director/Editor Adam Daroff
Writer/Designer PJ Scott-Blankenship

KellerModern is a webisodic parody series of KateModern. Just as in LonelyJew15, the series is supposed to revolve around a historical figure, in this case: Helen Keller; however this parody of a parody revolves around the eager producer Jenni Powell trying to convince and trick the ever-feisty Andie Bolt to portray Helen Keller in a way Andie feels is politically incorrect and in bad taste.

KellerModern is sponsered by Clownenbrau:The Beer Clowns Drink.

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