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For other backstories, see The Story So Far....

This page attempts to record the entire LG15: The Last story so far in a clean, text-based format.

Season One

Gathering the Troops

When Chasina Wilson, a young girl from Sydney, receives an email from Jonas Wharton telling her she and three other Australian girls are trait positive, she becomes worried. Chas confides in her boyfriend Mitchell Evans, telling him that she is in serious danger. Mitch dismisses Chas's fears as one of her many over-reactions. Convinced that she needs to help the other girls, Chas immediately sets out to locate the other Australian girls who are also trait positive.

Soon after, Antonia Moore, another trait positive girl, posts a video saying she noticed someone watching her and asks Chas to meet her. Mitch doesn’t support this, making a video urging the community to calm Chas down, fearing that the stress could affect her sobriety. He discourages Toni from meeting with them, and Chas becomes furious with him. She destroys her mobile phone and realizes her fears were justified upon discovering that a trait positive girl named Chloe was killed. Chloe's death was covered up in the newspapers as a drug overdose.

Toni decides to look for another trait positive girl named Jayde Cooper. After the community helps Toni find Jayde's location, Toni heads to the Gold Coast to Jayde's apartment. Jayde's roommate Xavier Weave answers the door and tells Toni that he hasn't seen Jayde in over six months, but gives her a letter that mentions the Adventist Hospital. Meanwhile, Mitch convinces his grandparents to let him and his friends use their beach house, and he and Chas work on trying to find Jayde. However, they are distracted when Bray Johnson posts a video calling Mitch a wimp for letting Chas push him around. Chas drags Mitch to Bray’s workplace, the Pymble Pub to confront Bray. However, before the fight can escalate, Bray is shot in the shoulder by Chasina's Watcher. Feeling that Chas and Mitch wouldn't last without his protection, Bray joins them, infuriating Mitch.

The Group Clashes

Using the letter that Xavier gave Toni, the group finds out that Jayde is scheduled to meet a Dr. Reynolds in Sydney later that week. Chas, Mitch, and Bray go to he Adventist Hospital, only to find Jayde and narrowly escape from the hands of a Shadow. Jayde then joins the group and reveals to the community that her mother is a Deacon and had already informed her about the Order's intentions. Her mother encouraged her to go into hiding using the alias Ashley Smith which Jayde had used whilst active on LG15.com.

Before returning to Sydney, Toni posts a coded message on her Facebook page containing information regarding her flight. Fearing danger, the group sends Bray to retrieve Toni, who earlier remarked that he was an idiot. Both are hostile towards one another upon meeting and this worsens when Bray destroys Toni’s cell phone, claiming that the Order might be using it to track her.

The group gathers at the Beach House and more trouble breaks out when Toni discovers Bray still has his cell phone. She makes a show out of disposing of it in the kitchen sink. During dinner, Jayde decides to get everyone talking about themselves. Chas and Mitch confirm they are dating while Bray claims he has no interest in a serious relationship. Previously however, Bray had been seen talking to Jayde suggesting that they have met before and that he is romantically interested in her. Chas brings up the hospital visit and Jayde reminds Chas that the man who attacked them was called a Shadow, and leaves the table. Feeling guilty, Chas distracts the others by drawing attention to Bray's injury, much to Toni’s disgust. Jayde thanks Chas for her actions, and tells her that Jonas has been captured by the Order. The girls promise to confide in each other.

Operation: Leigh

The next week, Bray receives an email from Leigh Taylor from Bondi, the only other trait positive girl. Leigh makes it clear that she has no interest in joining the group. The group decides to make a road trip to Bondi to convince Leigh in person. On the way, Mitch and Chas get into an argument over the directions. This causes Chas to lash out and tear up the map. Bray goofs off in the car, and visibly acts kind to Toni. Upon arriving at Leigh's house, Mitch decides to get Leigh himself, making him a target of scrutiny after his persuasion skills makes it appear that he got inside Leigh's house too easily. Later on, Mitch is questioned by Toni about his entrance into Leigh's house, which is misread by Chas and Jayde as an attempt to flirt with him. Chas only gets more frustrated when Leigh agrees to go with them after expressing an interest in Mitch. Leigh is upset when she arrives at the less than luxurious beach house. Her mood worsens when she discovers that Mitch is dating Chas.

Meanwhile, Bray attempts to pump Jayde for information by trying to form a pact with her, but she misreads this as flirting. Jayde fails to understand why everyone is in such a bad mood, and attempts to amuse herself by making a video called Mornings with Jayde. This video makes Jayde's feeling for Bray obvious, which angers the rest of the group. However, Bray's true intentions become clear when he kisses Toni a few days later during an argument. This is overshadowed when Chas discovers that Leigh still has her cell phone. The police arrive at the house however, Jayde warns them that they are actually members of the Order, and they flee the house.

A New Hideout

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