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This page is an attempt to track the relationships, crushes, and feelings of sexual tension between the characters of the LG15: The Last series. For information on a specific relationship, click the navigation below.


Antonia and Bray

Bray and Toni clash.

Bray first meets Antonia when he picks her up from the airport after she returns from the Gold Coast. They have a rocky start when Bray destroys Antonia's mobile phone because it might be a tracking device. Antonia gets Bray back by destroying his phone when they are at the beach house. Antonia continues to be unimpressed with Bray when he tries to show her his bullet wound at the dinner table.

Bray however appears to become more attentive of Antonia when on the road trip to find Leigh, Antonia falls asleep and Bray puts her head to rest on his shoulder. Bray is also suspicious when he sees Antonia hanging out with Mitch unaware of how she might feel towards Mitch. The two get even closer when Bray is in Antonia's bedroom and tries to wrestle a book out of her hands. Bray taking advantage of the opportunity proceeds to kiss Antonia. They are interrupted when Jayde knocks on the door and Antonia is seen to pull back immediately and look embarrassed. Jayde later posts a video about her feelings for Bray and how she feels Antonia is trying to steal Bray away from her. Bray and Toni talk afterward and Toni reveals that because of her religion, she has not been with a boy. Bray tells her that he does not want her to feel pressured and they kiss. An angry Jayde later tells Antonia that Bray is using her and doesn't not really want to be with her.

Toni and Bray grow closer.

Antonia and Bray are later seen arguing during Leigh's birthday over Jayde's comments but Bray kisses her passionately in the presence of the rest of the group. Despite her anger, Antonia takes care of Bray as he progressively becomes more drunk during the night.

When the group go on the run, Bray finally makes a decision and tells Antonia he wants to be with her and that he no longer has feelings for Jayde. Antonia is then kidnapped and Bray goes to rescue her despite Antonia telling him not to during a torture video. Bray is caught at the Order headquarters and watches Antonia get stabbed by Mitch. He tries desperately to help her but is pulled away and only manages to grab her necklace before escaping with Chas. Once he and Chas are back in the city he is seen crying and screaming about Antonia.

Antonia and Mitch

Antonia and Mitch initially appear to get along well. Toni later reveals that she befriended Mitch because "Mitch needs a friend at the moment because Bray is the only other guy in the house and he's hostile towards him". However, some of the other members of the group, especially Chas think Toni interested in Mitch. Leigh also notices that Mitch is very caring towards Toni, at one point telling him to "take care of Chas. I have seen how you are with Toni."

Chas continues to suspect something between Mitch and Toni, posting a video with Jayde where the two girls talk nastily about Toni and her relationship with Mitch. Chas confronts Mitch and accuses him of cheating on her with Toni when the group are hiding in the outback and again when he decides to rescue her. Mitch tries to defend Toni from Chas's nasty remarks and Chas tells him that Toni has torn them apart.

Later, Mitch is revealed as the traitor and he stabs Antonia suggesting he did not care for her at all.


Bray and Antonia

See Antonia and Bray

Bray and Jayde

Bray and Jayde get cozy.

Bray and Jayde appear to first meet at the hospital where they are attacked by a Shadow. However upon returning to the beach house, Bray talks to Jayde alone in the bedroom saying "I don't know. It's just that, in the pub that night, you know? There's just something about you Jayde." suggesting they have met previously. It is later revealed that the two used to date and Jayde had recently broken up with Bray.

When they talk alone after taking Leigh to the beach house, Bray holds Jayde back and holding her hands, asks her about the shadow at the hospital. Jayde asks him for the real reason he pulled her aside and Bray explains that he thinks they should both keep an eye on Mitch because he is untrustworthy. Jayde tries to approach Bray asking coyly "What's in it for me?" but Bray only sighs annoyingly.

Jayde's interest in Bray becomes further evident when she interviews herself in "Mornings with Jayde" and when asked who she gets along with in the house replies "me and Bray". She asks herself "So if Bray were to take you on a date, what should he do?" and she replies "Not bring Toni". The problems with Toni and Bray further escalated when Jayde catches them kissing. Bray tries to talk to Jayde about it on the boat but she shrugs him off. She talks to Chas and reveals that she still really likes Bray and she asks the community how she can get Bray back from Toni. She later confronts Antonia and angrily tells her that Bray is using her and that she should back off since she knows that she liked Bray first. However whilst the group are camping, Bray tells Jayde that he wants to be with Antonia. Jayde agrees to be friends but she is very upset over his decision. Later that night, Bray tells Antonia that he wants to be with her.

The two become more hostile when Bray accuses Jayde of being the traitor after Toni and Leigh are kidnapped.

Bray and Leigh

On the comment boards at LG15.com, commenters questioned Leigh about whether she had any interest in Bray, to which she replied "Ew! Bray? no way! He's way to old for me anyway."


Chasina and Jayde

Chas and Jayde share secrets.

Chas and Jayde quickly become friends after meeting and agree to confide in each other. They share news about the Order, Jayde telling Chas about Jonas being captured and in the video Girl Talk they talk about how they should have told the group something relating to the documents. The two girls seem to also be hiding something because Chas stops them from talking about the documents in detail on camera. They also talk about their boy troubles. The two girls talk about their dislike for Antonia and Chas accuses Antonia of trying to steal her boyfriend Mitch as well Bray from Jayde.

It is later revealed that the two girls have some blueprints which they have not shown the rest of the group. They reveal them to the rest of the group whilst camping in the Australian bush and they realise that they are plans of the Order Headquarters.

Once Leigh and Toni are kidnapped, Jayde leaves the group but she later finds Chas at the harbor and apologizes for leaving. The two of them agree to work together however Jayde betrays Chas and hands her over to the Order.

Chasina and Mitch

Chas and Mitch bond.

Chas and Mitch have been going out for a year and 2 months although Mitch has known Chas since high school. Because of Mitch's level-headed nature and Chas's fiery personality, she gets angry at Mitch often. In Chas's first posts she is initially mad at Mitch for not believing her about The Order chasing her and the other trait positive girls, playing it down to paranoia. When the group take a road trip to find Leigh, Chas gets angry at Mitch again for not being able to give her directions and proceeds to throw the map out the window and later tears the map up. She later becomes angry with him over his close relationship with Toni. Mitch however often seems concerned about Chas. This is particularly evident when Jayde plays a prank on him and says Chas has been taken by The Order when Chas is getting a boat and Mitch starts to panic. Chas later laughs about this with Jayde and and is glad to see he cares.

When the group hide in the bush, Chas accuses Mitch of cheating on her with Toni. Mitch tells Chas that he and Toni are just friends and that he would never cheat on her. After Leigh and Toni are kidnapped, Mitch decides to help Bray rescue them and Chas again accuses him of cheating on her. She reveals that Mitch may have cheated on her before and leaves him when he refuses to leave the girls to die.

At the ceremony, Chas is calls Mitch an "asshole" when she finds out he is a traitor. Mitch tells her that he loves her and he is doing this for her. He stabs Toni giving Chas a diversion to escape.


Jayde and Bray

See Bray and Jayde

Jayde and Chasina

See Chasina and Jayde

Jayde and Xavier

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Leigh and Bray

See Bray and Leigh

Leigh and Mitch

Leigh admires Mitch from afar.

Mitch and Leigh first meet at her house and he convinces her to join them in running from the Order. Leigh is immediately interested in Mitch saying she will join him "as long as you will take care of me". When she begins packing she throws clothes towards him including a bra which lands on his shoulder and makes Mitch smile. However, when Leigh finds out Mitch has a girlfriend she's furious and screams "I thought I had a chance, I thought he was cute. And well, that's why I came here and now I'm stuck". She later apologizes to Chas for trying to go after her boyfriend and Chas forgives her.


Mitch and Antonia

See Antonia and Mitch

Mitch and Chasina

See Chasina and Mitch

Mitch and Leigh

See Leigh and Mitch


Sibylla and Xavier

In The Spider & It's Venom, Xavier reveals that he works for Sibylla. He describes her as "the black widow" and himself as "her venom". In this video, Xavier is seen hugging Sibylla however it is not known if they are together or if Xavier is simply a loyal and affectionate servant.


Xavier and Chloe

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Xavier and Jayde

See Jayde and Xavier

Xavier and Sibylla

See Sibylla and Xavier