LG15: The Misfits

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LG15: The Misfits
Taylor Becki Kregoski
Spencer Maxwell Glick
Linc Logan Rapp
Mason Gregory Austin McConnell
Production Crew
Executive Producers EQAL
Producers Jenni Powell
Logan Rapp
Director Jenni Powell
Assistant Director Will Garroutte
Director of Photography Adam Daroff
Writer Logan Rapp

LG15: The Misfits (also known simply as The Misfits) was the pilot for a fictional webdrama produced by Jenni Powell and Logan Rapp, and was posted online on January 12th, 2009. It was the original winner of the first season of LG15: The Show Is Yours.

The show follows the continuing adventures of Taylor and Spencer (from lonelygirl15) who, in the aftermath of the Day of Atonement, band together and seek out the help of Thomas "Linc" Russell (from Redearth88 and The Home Office) so that they can rescue Jonas from the Order's captivity. While Linc is originally against the idea, having retired from fighting the Order after murdering one of their Elders, he agrees after Order Agents show up on his doorstep, and the newly-formed trio flee to a safe-house.

The pilot caused a significant amount of controversy as Jenni Powell, Logan Rapp, Maxwell Glick, and Becki Kregoski were all at one point employees of EQAL and were featured as actors on their previous shows. Many fans saw this as a way to cheat fans out of winning the competition and producing a show in better quality than is possible for most entries. Both Powell and Amanda Goodfried have released statements reassuring fans that the pilot was produced independently of EQAL and followed all the guidelines for submission.

The Show was originally set to officially premiere in February 2009, but on February 2nd it was announced that the production team behind The Misfits had decided to back out of the TSIY competition. It was revealed that upon entering, Powell and Rapp had incorrectly believed that they would receive financial compensation from EQAL, though it had been established in the entry guidelines that there would be no monetary reward. As a result, the show was effectively canceled, and the Runner-Up LG15: The Last was featured as the winning show in its place.

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