LG15: The Misfits - Pilot

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Episode 1/1x001
TSIY Pilot 5
LG15: The Misfits - Pilot

They didn't even try to hide it!

Blogger Taylor
Date Posted January 12th, 2009
URL youtube.com
Length 5:00
Description ...
Location(s) Somewhere in California
YouTube Tags lg15 lg15tsiy lonelygirl15 the-misfits misfits
Production Credits
Executive Producer(s) EQAL
Producer(s) Jenni Powell and Logan Rapp
Director(s) Jenni Powell
Assistant Director(s) Will Garroutte
Director of Photography Adam Daroff
Story Logan Rapp
Taylor Becki Kregoski
Spencer Maxwell Glick
Linc Logan Rapp
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LG15: The Misfits - Pilot is the fifth pilot submission for EQAL's first LG15: The Show Is Yours contest, and also the original winner of it. The title of the proposed series is LG15: The Misfits. The pilot was extremely controversial, and further controversy was caused after a misunderstanding about financial compensation caused the team to back out of the series, enabling LG15: The Last to win.


(Shot of a soccer ball on a field. Taylor walks up to it. Cut to montage of Taylor playing with the ball. Cut to Taylor looking down at the camera, the sky in the background.)

Taylor: I can't remember the last time I was on a soccer field. Spending so much time on something you think really matters, and then, reality happens. Mom and I have been hiding ever since dad and Sarah... You know, I don't think I can really talk about that yet.

(Cut to Taylor standing up holding the soccer ball.)

Taylor: Mom doesn't know I'm posting this. For some reason, I don't think she'd approve.

(Cut back to Taylor looking down at the camera.)

Taylor: Filming anything from our tiny house is probably a bad idea, plus... it gives me an excuse to be out here. You know, it reminds me of home... which I will never see again. We have an emergency line in case someone we trust needs to get ahold of us. Daniel called me. He showed me what happened to Jonas and who was behind it.

(Cut to Taylor standing up holding the soccer ball.)

Taylor: Then he told me to stay where I was because it was "too dangerous" for me.

(Cut back to Taylor looking down at the camera.)

Taylor: Daniel, I'm not a child anymore. I can do plenty of damage to the Order on my own. I can't stay here anymore... I mean, it's Jonas, he's... he needs all the help he can get.

(Cut to Taylor kicking the soccer ball down a hill. Cut to Taylor in a different outfit walking down a sidewalk next to a gate.)

Taylor: So I've been looking for anyone the Order might be after besides, well, us. And I found someone. Verdus Labs has a list of people their security's supposed to capture if they see them. They didn't even try to hide it. The one I found -- he used to work for the Order, up until around the time Bree went on the run. Get this -- he had a hit put out on him. Almost the same way Michelle Clore had a hit put out on some of us. They say he killed an Elder. And as soon as my ride gets here, I can try and find him. You know, he's always late. Ah, there he is!

(Spencer pulls up in a car.)

Taylor: You are so late!

Spencer: I know, I know! Just get in.

(Taylor approaches Spencer's car.)

Taylor: I mean, I haven't seen you in forever, and you're just late, like you don't even care.

Spencer: I care! Wh-- I made it! C'mon.

(Cut to Spencer filming Taylor running near bushes. They are across from a bar.)

Spencer: Hey hey hey! Wait up, wait up, wait up. Where are you going? Wh--?

Taylor: We're hiding!

Spencer: Wh-- Behind this?!

Taylor: Do you see anything else?

Spencer: Are we really sure we wanna meet this guy? I mean, it's not the safest thing.

Taylor: What, are you scared?

Spencer: No.

Taylor: (in shock) You're scared!

Spencer: I'm here, aren't I?

(Spencer turns the camera on himself.)

Spencer: I'm totally not scared.

(Spencer turns the camera back to Taylor.)

Taylor: Seriously, thanks for coming.

Spencer: Of course.

Taylor: Oh, that's him!

Spencer: That's him?!

(Cut back to the two driving in Spencer's car.)

Taylor: So... how's life?

Spencer: Uhh... good! Yeah.

(Spencer giggles.)

Spencer: Uhh... just workin'... I got a girlfriend.

Taylor: (in disbelief) Really?! I mean, I believe it, yeah, that's great. It wasn't like a disbelieving "really."

Spencer: She's probably wondering where the heck I am right now, but... eh, whatever.

Taylor: You just left without telling?

Spencer: Yeah, you called, I just-- I had to go! Yeah, yeah.

Taylor: Whoa, he's turning.

Spencer: Whoa, okay.

(Cut to Taylor and Spencer outside of the gate at Linc's place. Camera pans to Linc's car.)

Spencer: Alright, he parked here.

Taylor: Did I miss something? Is it legal to drink and drive now?

(The two get to the gate. Spencer hesitates.)

Taylor: Just open it.

(Spencer and Taylor go into Linc's backyard. There is a pool.)

Spencer: Taylor, I don't know if we should really be doing this.

Taylor: We broke onto a cruise ship, this is just a backyard.

Spencer: Yeah, need I remind you I got shot on that cruise ship?

Taylor: That was then, this is now. What's the worst that's gonna happen?

(Camera pans away but Spencer is heard screaming. Linc is then shown. It is apparent he attacked Spencer.)

Linc: Ohhh. That wasn't who I thought that was.

Taylor: Spencer?

Linc: Uhh, he's fine, there's ice in the freezer.

(Linc helps Spencer up.)

Linc: C'mon. Russell. One day, you punch a priest thinking he's a Shadow and it's straight to hell for you. You alright, buddy?

(Cut to Taylor, Spencer and Linc sitting in a living room. Linc is holding an empty bottle of booze.)

Linc: How's the--?

Spencer: Ah, it's fine.

Linc: Alright, so I know who you two are -- what do you want?

Taylor: We need your help.

Linc: You wanna bust Jonas out?

Taylor: Yeah.

Linc: Absolutely not.

Taylor: (in shock) What?!

Linc: He's gone. Okay? Not gonna see him again, and you're going to get killed trying.

Taylor: We have to at least try.

Linc: (sighing) Where's Daniel? ...Reed?

Taylor: They're helping too.

Linc: But they're not here. Why just you? They told you to stay home.

(Linc gets out of his chair and looks out the blinds.)

Linc: You didn't check to see if you were followed, did you?

Taylor: Of course we did.

Linc: And?

Spencer: Linc! We drove around for like an hour before we found you.

Linc: Ah, then someone screwed me. We gotta go now. Out the back.

Taylor: What?!

Linc: (screaming) Son of a bitch!

Taylor: Are you gonna help us, then?

Linc: I don't have a choice!

(Spencer gets up and turns off the camera.)


  • On the MaxterBexter YouTube account, Maxwell Glick and Becki Kregoski posted behind the scenes footage of the shooting of the pilot. The footage revealed that in the original script, Taylor and Spencer continued to talk after Spencer pulled up in his car and before Taylor got in. The Dialogue consisted mostly of Taylor scolding Spencer because he was late and pointing out that he isn't wearing "stealth" clothing.
  • Because the show was going to be executively produced by Jenni Powell and Logan Rapp, who are both former employees of EQAL, and the involvement of Becki Kregoski and Maxwell Glick, the pilot caused controversy, as many fans saw this as a way to cheat fans out of winning the competition and producing a show in better quality than is possible for most entries. Both Jenni Powell and Amanda Goodfried have released statements reassuring fans that the pilot was produced independently of EQAL and followed all the guidelines for submission.
  • The announcement that the show withdrew its entry was met with mixed reactions among viewers, and split the community between supporting EQAL and the Misfits on the issue, and Greg Goodfried was criticized for his response to the community's queries. Due to this, he went on Live Chat later that afternoon to answer questions and quell concerns.