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This page was created for anyone who wants to help out on the LGPedia. The page constists of different categories, depending on the type of page you'd like to help out on. You can see the available options on the Table of Contents below. From there, you will find tables that list each of the pages that needs work. Once you have selected a page you'd like to help out on, look to your right to find exactly what changes are needed. This way, as you are working you will have an idea of what you're aiming for. Good luck and happy helping!

Bree wants YOU for the LGPedia! Come and edit!

LG15: The Resistance Pages That Need Updates

Page What Needs To Be Done
Reed Background information needs to be added.
Jonas Needs to be brought up to date.
Hymn of None

Lonelygirl15 Pages That Need Updates

Page What Needs To Be Done
Jonas Needs to be brought up to date.
Taylor and Sarah's dad
The Whartons
Security guard
Lonelygirl15 The Story So Far...
Then and Now: A Look Back at Lonelygirl15 Through Time
Shadow The "Sightings" section needs updating with info about Clore's Shadow and the Shadows seen in the LG15 finale.
Motels Could use a cleanup, it's messy. Also needs an update with motels from Catalina Island, Stiff, etc
General LA area Needs a cleanup and an update
Daniel and Sarah's relationship, Daniel and Gina's relationship, Jonas and Jennie's relationship, Daniel and Jonas's relationship, Nikki Bower and Jonas's relationship Needs to be brought up to date with latest romantic tensions.
Sunglasses Needs to be brought up to date
Crime Report
Water theme
Pop culture references

KateModern Pages That Need Updates

Page What Needs To Be Done
Lauren Needs to be brought up to date.
Bill Cowan
JTV staff
KateModern relationships#Julia and Rupert, KateModern relationships#Lee and Sophie, KateModern relationships#Charlie and Gavin, KateModern relationships#Charlie and Steve
Inebriated#Episode / Consequences - KateModern
KateModern The Story So Far...

LG15 Universe and Other Pages That Need Updates

Page What Needs To Be Done
Trait positive Needs info about the experiments they were doing on girls in London as revealed by Kate's mom in The Last Work: 8PM and the experiments at Adak Island as revealed in Blood Will Flow.
Breeniverse The Breeniverse has expanded, the page should be updated to reflect that.
The Order Needs newest info added. See the Order bottom index for an idea of what is missing.
Canon Needs a serious update.
Fan references
OpAphid Needs a cleanup.
Everything You Need To Play OpAphid
Cassieiswatching clues Any missing info needs to be added.

Behind The Scenes Pages That Need Updates

Page What Needs To Be Done
EQAL Needs info from CBS Deal added. - PAGE LOCKED
Paras Maniar, James R. Sterling, Josh Fialkov Need a cleanup/more info - PAGE LOCKED
Revver Needs a cleanup.
Facebook Needs more information about the social networking site.

Pages Needing Additional Research

Page What Needs To Be Done
Claudio Chiuchiarelli Info about these EQAL investors should be added.
Georges Harik
Mike GLC, Jos Viramontes Actor needs more info

Pages That Need Images

Page What Needs To Be Done
Meredith Hewson An image for their page, preferably a headshot, would be nice. PAGES LOCKED.
Rachel Rosenbloom
Matthew Hart
Vanessa Roveto
Yumiko Aoyagi

Videos That Need Work

Page What Needs To Be Done
Videos with incomplete transcripts These videos need transcripts added.
Videos needing images These videos need images added.
Videos needing captions These videos need captions added.

Other Excellent Ways To Help

Page What It Is
Fanfic pages needing cleanup/expansion This category lists the fanfic pages needing work to comply with the UGC/Fanfic Revamp project on LGPedia (they are categorized under the asterisk).
LGPedia:Constant Updates This page lists pages that are always in need of updates. Check it out for more information!
LGPedia:Community Portal This page lists general ways that you can help out.
Category:Cleanup While these categories should not contain any pages that are not already on the list, it is helpful if, at times, someone could sweep through them and make sure that nothing listed in those categories that is missing from this page.
Category:Pages in need of updating
Category:Pages that need images