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Welcome to LGPedia!

LGPedia was set up by the Creators of lonelygirl15 to give the fan community a place to collect information about the project, and it's been growing and prospering ever since. There are currently 3,320 pages in our database, and every day sees new additions, ranging from story-related articles such as detailed transcripts of each video, comprehensive pages on even the most minor characters and everything we know about the Hymn of One to a vast assortment of meta-information, like production credits, fan fiction and even a guide to the main site's features!

Due to its collaborative nature, there is no one webmaster of this encyclopedia - every user is welcome to add and correct information wherever possible, and we're glad about every help we can get. Especially our very latest addition, the "KMPedia" will need a lot of help once KateModern is released. So don't be afraid to click the "edit" button when you see something that needs fixing, and don't be afraid to add new pages, either.

We hope you'll find what you're looking for, and will be glad to assist you should the need arise - just check out the help section to the left, and if that doesn't answer your questions, contact us directly.

The Administrators

Who is this lonelygirl15?

Lonelygirl15 began in May 2006 on YouTube when a young girl named Bree started posting videos about her life, her religion and her relationship with a boy named Daniel. The videos quickly grew to have a huge following, but fans began to suspect that Bree was not real. After a lot of sleuthing fans of the series discovered that Bree was in fact an actress, played by Jessica Lee Rose and that the show was a production.

Since the reveal, the show has continued with new videos released several times a week, new characters and even an Alternate Reality Game. While the videos still appear on YouTube, the show is now hosted at lonelygirl15.com. Many fans of lonelygirl15 have created their own stories, and in addition to the lonelygirl15 canon there are numerous fan fiction series.

The LGPedia attempts to document it all: the story, the characters, the fans and what's happened behind the scenes. If you are unfamliar with the lonelygirl15 story, please feel free to examine The Story So Far... to gain an insight as to what has happened so far in the series. There are well over 100 lonelygirl15 videos now. If that seems like too much to get caught up on, a series of LonelyGirl15Recaps can help get you up to speed.

How to contribute

If you'd like to contribute, we encourage you to create an account with LGPedia. It's very quick, easy and free.

If you've never contributed to a wiki before, you can try playing in the sandbox. If you comment on any talk pages, please try to remember to sign your posts by typing ~~~~ after your post. If you see any vandalism, please revert it by following these instructions.

Also, be sure to check out the help page for the basics of editing a wiki. Once you're familiar with wikis, you can visit the Community portal for ideas of where to help out. If you're planning to do any extensive editing, please check out the style guide for tips.