List of LG15: The Show Is Yours pilot submissions

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The LG15: The Show Is Yours pilots were submitted following the release of the video "LG15: The Show Is Yours", which request users to submit pilots for a potential show. There were 18 pilots submitted for the first season, and seven entries (including one re-entry) submitted for the second.

Season One Pilots

  1. LG15: The Threat
  2. The Facil1ty
  3. Brian Mythic
  4. A Change of Place
  5. LG15: The Misfits - Original Winner
  6. LG15: Join the Fight
  7. LG15: Origins
  8. LG15: Clones
  9. Bonjour Canada!
  10. Stepping In
  11. May Flower
  12. I'm About to Die.
  13. Just Jen
  14. LG15: Last Days
  15. LG15: The Cure
  16. LG15: Final Request
  17. LG15: The Last - Official Winner
  18. LG15: The Order Files

Season Two Pilots

  1. LG15: The Order
  2. LG15: The Rising
  3. LG15: Outbreak - Winner
  4. LG15: Everlasting
  5. LG15: PregnantGirl18
  6. LG15: The Order Files (TSIY2 Re-entry)
  7. LG15CollegeDays