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| name        = lonelygirl15 Season Finale 11 of 12 - 6 pm
| number      = 0255
| image      = 0255-DanielSarahJonasEmotionalSunsetAtTheBeach.jpg
| caption    = Don't you get it?!
| blogger    = 12 in 12
| date        = August 3rd, 2007
| url        = {{lg15|323}}
| forumid    =
| length      = 6:11
| description = I can't find the words to describe our feelings . . .
| faction    = The Resistance
| status      = Public Video
| location    = [[General LA area|Santa Monica]]
| tags        = {{tags|bree|Daniel|danielbeast|girl|lg15|lonely|Lonelygirl15}}
<!-- Production Credits leave blank after "=" if data is not available -->
| execprod  = Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, and Yumiko Aoyagi
| producers  = Amanda Goodfried
| pa        = Ian Schwartz
| directors  = Mesh Flinders
| camera    = Kevin Schlanser
| vidplay    = Yumiko Aoyagi, Mesh Flinders, Miles Beckett, and Jan Libby
| story      = Miles Beckett, Mesh Flinders, Greg Goodfried, Jan Libby, and Yumiko Aoyagi
| editor    = Colin Hargraves
| music supervisor  = Seth Jacobs
| song =  "Tigers" by Lisa DeBenedictis [http://magnatune.com/artists/debenedictis]
| cast =
| Previous = lonelygirl15 Season Finale 10 of 12 - 5 pm
| Next = lonelygirl15 Season Finale 12 of 12 - 7 pm
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{{EpHeader|255|lonelygirl15 Season Finale 11 of 12 - 6 pm}}
'''Daniel:''' So...we made it. W-We made it out of there. Whatever that place was - I don't even remember.
(''Cuts to seagulls flying and various shots of the beach.'')
'''Daniel:''' Bree's, uh, Bree's dead. I'm so - I'm so... sorry, I...I did everything I could for you.
(''Says something incoherent, possibly sorry.  Cuts to the carousel and the beach.'')
'''Daniel:''' I feel so powerless now, I mean... (''Trails off.'')
(''Cuts to the beach and the theme park, and the ocean. It then shows Jonas sitting on his own staring out at the ocean.'')
'''Taylor:''' We did... everything we possibly could to save Bree.  Bree, this girl that... I don't even know anything about. I think, at first I did it, to get away from my mom... I guess finding Bree was my excuse to leave home and... leave all the fighting. It was exciting, and fun... It was, it was fun, because Jonas was with me.
(''Camera flicks to Jonas sitting alone on the beach.'')
'''Taylor:''' But now... it's like he's not even here anymore.
(''Camera cuts back to Taylor.'')
'''Taylor:''' He hasn't said anything, nothing seems to matter to him anymore.
(''Camera cuts back to Jonas, now standing and staring out at the waves.'')
'''Taylor:''' I wanted to be there, when Jonas found Bree.
(''Camera cuts back to Taylor.'')
'''Taylor:''' I know it sounds awful but, I knew that we couldn't save her. Whatever we had on our side, it was never gonna be enough - I mean, we're just a bunch of kids! So I wanted to be there when he realized that she was gone. I guess, I thought that... maybe he'd finally see me? But I think, when Bree died, it's like... she took him with her. He's empty and emotionless... He isn't Jonas anymore.
'''Daniel:''' Jonas!
(''Camera flicks over to Daniel, who is storming towards Jonas who is sitting on the beach.'')
'''Daniel:''' Jonas!! Get up! She died because of you! I trusted you!
'''Sarah:''' Daniel! Daniel, stop!
'''Daniel:''' (''To Sarah'') Shut Up!
'''Daniel:''' You fucking, you slept with her!
(''Sarah and Daniel begin yelling over the top of each other.'')
'''Sarah:''' No, Daniel - Daniel, stop. Listen to me, listen to me! (''Incoherent'')
'''Daniel:''' Get out of my face! No! It's his fault! Get out of my face!!! No!
(''Camera flicks to the waves that are washing over the beach. The waves drown out the yelling momentarily, until the camera flicks back to the fighting.'')
'''Daniel:''' (''Incoherent, sobbing.'') I want my friend back! GET OFF OF ME!
(''Daniel pushes Sarah off him.'')
'''Sarah:''' Don't you get it?!
'''Daniel:''' (''Grabs Jonas, incoherent and crying.'')
'''Sarah:''' Daniel...
(''Camera flicks between the characters, all sobbing. Jonas begins to wander off.'')
'''Taylor:''' Jonas... Jonas where are you going? Jonas where are you going?
'''Sarah:''' Taylor, get the camera out of my face?! (''Sobbing loudly.'') We, we, we didn't even... it's time to go home, okay? Just leave (''incoherent.'')
(''Sarah wanders up to Daniel and stands, staring at him for a moment before walking away.'')
'''Sarah:''' Bree, wherever you are, you know what? You won. Okay? Daniel was always yours... And I can't compete with a ghost. The memories that you and Daniel have... They're... They're yours forever and, um, you know what? They're just, they're pure and they're innocent, like a child that never grew up. But I'm still part of this [[Four-letter words|fucked up]] world, and you know what, it's not perfect like the one that you and Daniel had. So, I'm just gonna stop trying to compete with you. Because I am never gonna win. So have him, he's yours. I guess love just isn't enough sometimes.
(''Sarah wanders away. A lone seagull flies across the sky and it's followed along the sky.'')
*Spencer is not in this video at all.
*Although this video was posted at 6pm and it appears to be almost sunset, sunset in southern California on August 3, 2007 was at about 7:45pm.
*[[Daniel]] yells at [[Jonas]] and says, "You slept with her! This is all your fault," concluding that [[Jonas]] and [[Bree]] [[The Morning After|slept together]].
*When [[Sarah]] says "Love just isn't enough sometimes," it becomes clear that she really had true emotions for Daniel. Furthermore, it becomes clear in this video that Taylor had strong feelings for Jonas, perhaps explaining dramatic and catty behavior in early videos regarding Jonas and Bree sleeping together.
*This video was filmed near [[water theme|water]].
*Jonas says nothing in the entire video.
*[[Helicopter]]s are seen in this video.

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