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Season Three

Emma's Healing

Daniel posts a video assuring everyone that Emma is alive, but very weak as a result of losing so much blood during the ceremony. The next day Jonas tells us that Emma has been doing little more than crying and sleeping, and that Gina is nearly silent to everyone. He also told his parents that, while Emma appreciated their attempt at contact, the TAAG would now be Emma's family.

Life in Hiding

In hiding, tensions ran high due to close quarters and the boys being outnumbered four to two. Jonas and Jennie fight constantly about Emma being able to make her own choices. While Sarah watched Gina build a bench, Jennie and Emma play Boggle, creating a secret message for Emma's parents. After receiving the message, Emma's parents logged into the chat to talk to her, begging her to come home. Emma was still uncertain about the choice she wanted to make, Jennie was extremely certain that Emma should at least make her decisions by herself, making a video in which she admitted to liking Jonas, but stuck to her story that the arguments were solely for Emma's sake. The next night, Emma leaves a tearful goodbye, as she had leaves to reunite with her parents. Things fall apart when Jonas discovers Emma had left, lashing out at Daniel and Jennie, who he thought had some part in it, however, Gina admits to having given Emma the money to leave. Afterward, Jonas posts a sincere apology to the gang, regretting his reaction to Emma's departure and telling her that he understood and was proud of her.

Sarah becomes jealous when Jennie volunteers to go to the store with Daniel, and they erupt into a fight about at in the local store. Although the fight ends within moments, Jennie was reasserts that she is not interested in Daniel. Daniel grows closer to Gina, helping her with her first blog, but angering her because of his inquisitiveness about her drawings. The next evening, while Daniel stays sober and Sarah and Gina play beer pong, Jennie and Jonas talk and apologize to each other about their respective videos, kissing at the conclusion of the video.

The Hunt for Bree's Mom

In her drunken state, Sarah decides to challenge forum members with the ripped-up remains of Gina's drawings. The following morning, Daniel blows up, accusing her of violating Gina's privacy. During the argument, Jonas recognizes the drawing as Bree's mom. When Daniel questions Gina about the drawing, she replies that she can only see a face and that all of her memories are very fuzzy. Shortly thereafter, Jonas decides to relocate the group, after noticing William Porter's Shadow following them in footage from his camera.

Gina posts her second video, in which she questions how she can see Bree's mom's face if she never knew her. On the same day, William Porter's Shadow posts a video, promising the TAAG that there will be consequences for his master's death. The next day, as Daniel and Sarah are busy looking over the Shadow's video, Jonas discovers that Gina has disappeared. They finally find Gina at Bree's old house. Gina states that she can remember coming to that house to play when she was a child, and Daniel and Jonas drag her to the car. Heading for home, they spot Lucy and the Shadow following them in a black SUV.

A few days later, Jonas informs viewers that he and Daniel had gotten in a fight over whether to control Gina, and is skeptical on whether or not they could remain together. Gina announces that the team will hold a video chat to decide what to do, which erupts in arguments. The following day, Sarah discovers that the Shadow is still following them and announces that she and Daniel will not join Gina in her quest to find Bree's mom. The Shadow soon thereafter appears in the house, apparently attempting to abduct Jennie. He chases her to the front lawn and is hit and killed by a car.

Following the incident, Sarah and Daniel realize that Gina will need their help and decide to aide her in the search for Bree's mom. In an attempt to help, Sarah tries to track down Carl, and, in the process, reveals that they had slept together at the Lullaby Project. Carl then shows up at the rented house, offering to trade any information he knows for a date with Sarah, which she less-than-reluctantly agrees to.

It is soon discovered that Bree's mom, now identified as Elizabeth Avery, is the Chairman of the Board of Verdus Pharmaceuticals, and the TAAG decide to stake out the upcoming board meeting. The stake out goes less than ideally, and Gina is kidnapped.

Family History

Gina is returned within hours to the rented house, seemingly drugged, and carrying a disc covered in numbers. Jonas appeals to the community to crack the code so that they can look at the files on the disc. The code is quickly cracked and a video depicting a young Gina and young Bree playing is discovered. A message from Elizabeth was also on the disc, requesting a meeting with Gina. Asking the fans for an opinion, Gina decides to meet Elizabeth with a camera in her purse.

At the meeting, Elizabeth conforms that Gina is now trait negative and no longer of any use to the Order. She also reveals that she knew about the plan to kill her husband, and was against the Order. A Thug picks up Gina's purse, soon dropping it. When Gina recovers it, Elizabeth is discovered to have run off. Daniel then swears his devotion to finding and stopping anyone that may have conspired in Bree's murder.

The following week, the TAAG are at home, relaxing, when a dog bark ringtone is heard coming from the house. Gina discovers the phone in Sarah's room, and they discover a new, cryptic voicemail left by Elizabeth. The message was discovered to be "Friday. Neighborhood park. No cameras," and Daniel realizes that the park is likely the one near Bree's house. At the meeting, Jonas confronts Elizabeth about Bree's death. She reveals that Bree's Elder is still actively seeking trait positive girls and that she overheard a name when he was discussed: "Mary Annette".

Mary Annette: The Key to the Puzzle

After poring over possible leads regarding the name, Daniel reveals that the "Mary Annette" they are searching for is actually a marionette. In doing so, he also reveals the long-elusive text of the P. Monkey email, in which Bree recounts being offered a marionette as a poor replacement for Purple Monkey. The email points to a nearby shop, Alcombe Antiques, as the source of the puppet, and the team sets off to the shop.

Sarah distracts the store owner as Jonas and Daniel sneak into the back room. They hunt through papers until finally finding a letter requesting a marionette, dated the same week as the P. Monkey email. The letter bares a strange-looking coat of arms, but before the TAAG have time to question it, they discover Lucy leaving the shop, carrying a package, and run to remain hidden. Jonas posts and appeal to viewers who may have seen the coat of arms before, which is soon replied to by Steve from the KateModern series, claiming that he has seen a member at the The Hymn of One London Centre wearing the coat of arms on his clothing. The member is soon revealed to be Lord Carruthers. Meanwhile, feeling dejected, Sarah decides to leave with Carl.

While trying to determine who will go to London, Jonas throws a party to get everyone to relax. Daniel's alcoholism returns and Jonas takes off alone the next morning.

Mission: London!

In London, Jonas meets with Steve to find Lord Carruthers. The two go to Lord Carruthers's office, but are forcibly evicted from the building before they can find any information. Steve leads Jonas to Rupert Van Helden, who he believes may be of some help. Rupert refuses to comply, however, and they leave. As they are walking through the streets of London, Jonas and Steve are shot at. Lauren then supplies Jonas with the disc Charlie had discovered in a nuclear bunker of Michelle Clore, an Elder, speaking to the camera in a mysterious language. In the video, Michelle Clore mentions Bree, Jonas, Daniel, Gina, and Jennie, and Jonas begs viewers to translate it. The translation reveals that Clore has called for the death of one of the TAAG in exchange for ascension in the Order. Jonas flees to LA, only to have a close call with a potential assassin on the way to the airport. Steve wrestles with the assassin, who ends up shot. Jonas and Steve run and Jonas decides to take Steve with him back to LA.

Vote Edward Salinas!

Daniel is sent a message to meet Steve and Jonas at the border between Mexico and California, but their reunion is cut short by another would-be assassin taking a shot at them and hitting Steve in the arm. The TAAG runs, and Steve takes himself to the hospital for treatment. They return the next day for Steve and manage to get the license plate number of the assassin's car. Taylor hacks into the DMV's database and discovers that the car is registered to Edward Salinas, a local politician. Daniel shares this with viewers, only to be interrupted by Salinas himself issuing a threat via Daniel's laptop. Jonas forms a plan to confront Salinas at an upcoming fund raiser, while Daniel accuses Steve of giving away their whereabouts. The TAAG infiltrates the fund raiser, but is unsuccessful in trying to kidnap Salinas due to Steve's fault within the plan. Immediately, Daniel and others join in towards an assumption of Steve's true beliefs, leaving him alone in the woods to fight for himself. After leaving Steve, the group decides that they need to fight back against the Order in any way possible, and that the easiest way for them to start is to take down Salinas.

After returning home, the TAAG is welcomed back by a drunken Carl and Sarah, deprived of their stay in Cabo. They then decide as a group that in order to get close to Salinas, they need Jennie to infiltrate his campaign headquarters. At the campaign office, Jennie is forced into writing a brief on the campaign's stance on health care for underprivileged women, which is well-received by Salinas. Jennie is soon confronted by Elizabeth Avery, who informs her that Emma is once again in danger of a Ceremony.

Girl, Interrupted

Worried for Emma's safety, Jonas issues a plea for Emma to contact them, and they soon discover a letter and an iPod with a cryptic play list left at their door. The play list eventually led the TAAG to Jonas's dad's thesis, which in turn leads them to discover Emma is hiding in a Resistance bunker. They immediately left home, and decide to rest in a motel on the way. Unfortunately, the motel room is ransacked, leading them to discover that Elizabeth Avery had, in fact, concocted the entire story about Emma's Ceremony, and was looking to use Emma's blood for herself. Rushing to the bunker, the TAAG find no sign of Emma, but instead a very dead Elizabeth.

Jonas then gives Emma a number, which he claims to be safe. Emma arrives at the meeting spot, only to discover a Watcher trying to locate her. With the help of the rest of the TAAG, Emma escapes and is reunited with the group. It is only days away, however, that Salinas is yet again hot on their trail. Sarah awakens early in the morning, receiving an unread video email message with a file attached to it. As she watches in distrust, she witnesses Carl strapped to a chair with a bomb tied around his neck. The message claims that if they don't show up within the next 24 hours, Carl will die.

Tired of listening to the arguments between her house mates regarding who will go to save Carl, Emma decides it is finally her time to make a move, as Salinas won't risk killing a trait positive girl. After finally convincing her friends to let her go, she heads to the Sacred Spirit headquarters, where Carl is being held, and makes way for his rescue. Setting up her camera, she speaks directly to Salinas, daring him to kill her. As she had expected, the bomb stops and she and Carl escape safely. Combining this information with that of the recently found DVD, they make a decision to stop uploading videos and go "offline" for a while.

Prom: It's to Die For

As promised, after a week without videos, Gina returns to the scene, revealing that they have been hiding out at Big Bear Lake since last Friday's drastic measures. They have decided the fighting from home is bringing out the worst in everyone, and at least here, Jonas and Daniel can take turns keeping watch. But Sarah on the other hand, is getting bored of her life on the run, and therefore pitches the idea of an 80's themed prom. Looking back to their own secluded lives, Gina and Emma agree, bringing everyone in on the idea.

As the night goes on Sarah gets upset with Carl at first because of what he is wearing and then because he is always on his phone making calls and sending e-mails. Daniel has purchased cameras for everyone to use to document the night. Soon Jonas grows suspicious of Carl and sees him in his car. Jonas goes into the car after Carl returns to the party and finds a swipe key for the Hymn of One. He shows it to Sarah, Daniel, Jennie and Emma while Gina is still inside the cabin. Sarah, defending Carl, says it was from when he worked there. Jonas then shows that there is a sticker on the card from the previous week, proving he still goes there. He then decides to confront Carl. During all that Carl has given the location of the cabin to the Order and Lucy with a bunch of Watchers are now in the cabin and area. Carl, before being confronted by Jonas, goes to Gina and says he is sorry. Gina thinks it is because of what happened in Tick Tick Boom. Carl is very nervous making us notice that is not really the reason and then Jonas comes into the house and tackles Carl to the ground. Jonas then ties up Carl in one of the other rooms and returns to the prom. At this time Lucy comes in and frees Carl, while Sarah and Daniel are making out. Jonas, Gina, Emma and Jennie are talking about leaving the house when a laser is show on Jonas's head Gina pushes him out of the way and gets shot. While everyone is running Jonas checks for a pulse on Gina and says there is none.

The following day, Daniel, Emma, and Jennie post their videos of the prom showing the events of the night as they have them on their cameras. Jennie posts a secret message telling TAAG where to meet up. After Daniel, Jonas, Emma and Jennie meet up, with Sarah still missing, they go to the Hymn of One Headquarters. They use the key card that Jonas took from Carl to get in. They find Carl, Lucy, Salinas and Lord Carruthers. Salinas says that he has proof that an enemy has fallen. An unidentified noise causes Lucy to take Lord Carruthers and leave the building. Jonas rushes in and takes the camera from Carl just after hitting Salinas with the gun he brought. Outside, they upload the final video -- the video illustrating Gina's final moments.

Forever In Our Hearts

After a reunion of sorts between those who survived, Sarah suspiciously makes her way back to the house - feeling more than unwelcomed. No one can even look at her the same due to her relations with Carl, and she is sick of it. Carl used her along with everyone she ever cared about, so why should she have to pay for his devastating mistakes? Some good news provides itself, though. The group is hooked on killing the murderer that killed their friend, letting all know, Salinas will pay. Luckily, Jennie's ties to Mr. Thompson give them a needed advantage, allowing her to flirt her way into his home, drug him to sleep, and steal any information they can use to burn the culprits out of office! And that's just what she plans to do. With a stack of encoded papers and messages from the front office of Salinas headquarters, Jennie posts a video asking Evergreen, a friend from the forums, to help her in her gruesome task. Evergreen, receiving this information, learns that Salinas has been using Carl's risque-company "Sacred Spirit" to wirelessly transfer hundreds of thousands of dollars into his personal account, and alerts the authorities to issue an investigation. But upon arriving on the scene, both the police and local news crews walk on the fact of a near dead Mr. President, believing as to so a game played only by the order. Within minutes, television programming is stopped everywhere, releasing to the press shocking breaking news: Congressman Edward Salinas, has recently committed suicide! To celebrate, Daniel and Jonas post a video to the online community, and take Carl on the way. He will pay! Carl, while tied up and dispositioned in the views of TAAG, decides to not release any new information to the members of the battle versus good and evil. Instead, he insists that they take his life, allowing him the relief of knowing he did not die at the hands of the lords he has chosen to fight for. But Daniel, Jonas, Jennie, Sarah and Emma have their own plan in the matter. They do not murder him under forced will, yet rather put him under the watchful eyes of the U.S. justice system, allowing a sort of relief to them all. So it comes as a surprise when, moments later, they receive a call confirming that yet another death has been drawn through the case of Political Suicide reformation: Carl, is gone forever. Hearing of these inconveniences, TAAG desperately searches throughout their belongings for any evidence of an Order trail, but what they find, is much more compelling. A hidden camera, documenting every word spoken, and every move taken, from the very beginning. The group tries to find what course of action to take and finally deciding, after turning to the internet for answers, to target Lucy. In the midst of all this, Emma decides to take leave and decides to go to a boarding school out of the country, which raises tension among Jennie and Jonas, so much that they break up and he leaves to find out answers by himself on the road.

While searching out by Emma's old bunker, he finds information that leads him Lake Clandon, where Jonas finds a briefcase with a signed mission statement of The Resistance, with none other than Carruthers signature. Later on, while out still scouting, he finds a video on his windshield warning him not to go back to the other, as they would be safe and that a solar eclipse was coming. Jonas decides to visit his parent's home for answers. In doing so, he finds out that he is the last hope of The Resistance and only he holds the key, which turns out to be a small microchip implanted in his chest when he was little. But before he can find out what's on it, Jonas is taken captive by Lucy.

At home, tensions rise as the rest of TAAG receives a video and information on what is happening to Jonas and where to find him. They are told there will be a distraction made for them and Daniel turns to the community to see if the group should go and save Jonas, which they finally decides that should. As they rescue Jonas, they also capture Lucy. They give the microchip to Taylor for her to scan and she finds a location on it. While Jonas is interrogating Lucy, she apparently kills herself, as to avoid leaking any information and her body disappears mysteriously. After that, Jennie and Jonas decide to explore the location found on the chip, where they find a suitcase owned by George Kiel, where it is revealed that trait positive girls are descendants of an ancient fertility goddess. As this is going on, Taylor reappears explaining that she found some information that connected her father to The Order and asks TAAG to head back Zavalla. When there, they find a alter of Order propaganda in the closet of the guest room in Taylor and Sarah's dad and find a video that tells them to head to Wiliam Porter's grave, which has a message: "Finish him at Lufkin".In the midst of it, Taylor goes missing and when Daniel goes to find a t-shirt of his in Sarah's suitcase, he finds a letter revealing that Sarah was sent to TAAG by her father and Carruthers to retrieve the others in exchange for the safe return of her mother and Taylor. When Daniel confronts Sarah, she knocks him out and telling him she can't let them hurt her family...

The Ascension

Thanks to Randy, TAAG finds Taylor trapped at a house in Lufkin. They rescue her, but on the way out, Jonas is captured by several Order Members. Outside of the house, Jerry is waiting for TAAG. He tells them he helps Sarah with things and hands them a cell phone - "It will all make sense," he says. Later that week, Sarah posts a video at 2:00 AM giving TAAG the coordinates of the boat she, Jonas, and a new Ceremony girl are on. Jonas, Jennie, and Daniel make it there in the morning, but are shot at, and Daniel gets stuck in some pipes. Jonas runs into the Ceremony girl - Nadia - and they are both captured by the Order. Meanwhile, Taylor is on the beach and is soon joined by Spencer. They sneak onto a supplies ship and make it onto the main boat. On the boat, Daniel witnesses Sarah's father yelling at her. Jennie meets up with Taylor and Spencer on the boat, but Spencer is shot. Jonas then posts a video claiming that the Order is about to kill him, Sarah, and Nadia. Nadia is taken away, and Jonas gets out of his ropes. Sarah and him witness the beginnings of Nadia's Ceremony, but Jonas runs in and kills the Shadows running it. Nadia soon dies of blood loss, however. Back on the beach, Jonas and Sarah meet up with Jennie, Taylor, Spencer, and Daniel. Daniel visits a store to get Spencer a blanket, but it's not enough to keep him alive. Taylor and Jennie take Spencer to a hospital while Daniel, Jonas, and Sarah stay on the beach. However, Daniel leaves soon and says that he's going home. Jonas then leaves - his last words "Tell her I'm sorry," in response to Sarah asking about Jennie. Lucy finally posts a video to end the lonelygirl15 story - of her watching the events of TAAG's final video from high above.