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===The outside===
===The outside===
[[Image: Lucy_apt1.jpg]]
[[Image: Lucy_apt1.jpg|thumb|left]]
[[Image: Lucy_apt2.jpg]]
[[Image: Lucy_apt2.jpg|thumb|left]]
===The Absinthe Robette poster room===
===The Absinthe Robette poster room===

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Lucy's apartment

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We first see Lucy's apartment in Following The Helper when Daniel follows her home.

The outside

Lucy apt1.jpg
Lucy apt2.jpg

The Absinthe Robette poster room

A poster with the words Absinthe Robette is shown in Lucy's apartment. It is by Belgian artist Privat Livemont. If an original, it is worth in the neighborhood of $20,000. See it at http://www.enjoyart.com/single_posters/other_liquors/absinthe_robette_one.htm. Absinthe has been described at the drink that fuelded a nations art.

The computer room

When Daniel looks at the photos of himself, the file says "Greg Goodfried's desktop" in the corner, so Greg Goodfried's apartment was presumably the site of the shoot.

The Google locations

Daniel found five location searches in Google Maps left open on Lucy's computer in Following The Helper. It is as of yet unclear what is the significance of these locations.

The Google maps locations on Lucy's computer have been identified as:

A Google Earth map of all the locations, with the sequence they appear in the video.

Zavalla, Texas
31° 9′30.00″N

La Crete, Alberta, Canada

Wickenburg, Arizona

North Topanga Canyon Blvd., Topanga, CA
34° 5′37.00″N

Adak Island, Alaska.

The significance of these locations has not been determined but it might be worth noting that they lie at approximately two latitudes, which have significance in terms of movement of the sun, and hence religions that attribute significance to movements of the sun. It is also worth noting that one of the locations is in Ariziona and in one of Daniel's videos ("Aleister Crowley") he mentions a connection between Aleister Crowley and Arizona. Topanga Canyon was identified as the site of Bree's ceremony.

In the video Proving Longitude Wrong Bree discusses longitude and this may tie into the Google locations.

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