In the Dark

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In the Dark
Blogger Jonas
Date Posted October 25th, 2008
1:29:52 PM PDT
Adjacent Blogs
Directly after "Signal Lost"
Directly before "Chapter 6: Hacked and Tracked"
Previous by Jonas "Dangerous Directions"

In the Dark (also known as MIA) is a text blog posted by Jonas directly after the video Signal Lost, and before the video Chapter 6: Hacked and Tracked.


Has anyone seen or heard from Maggie? Or anyone else in the Hymn of None for that matter?

Usually we hear from them today, but after yesterday's events, it's CLEAR that something is wrong.

HoN -- if you are out there -- any of you -- PLEASE contact us. Let us know what is happening. We are still en route to the destination YOU GUYS sent us.

We need to know if it is still safe. And we need to know if Maggie is okay.

I need to know.



  • Jonas later updated the blog with "Where are you???? -- Jonas"