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| actor      = [[Marnette Patterson]]
| actor      = [[Marnette Patterson]]
| first      = [[Chapter 1: A Call to Arms]]
| first      = [[Chapter 1: A Call to Arms]]
| last        = [[POW!]]
| last        = [[Meet N Greet]]
| blogs      = [[:category:Maggie's blogs|List of Maggie's blogs]]
| blogs      = [[:category:Maggie's blogs|List of Maggie's blogs]]
| series      = res
| series      = res

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First Appearance Last Appearance
Chapter 1: A Call to Arms Meet N Greet
Character information
Age 32
Date of Birth May 13th, 1988
LG15 10004
MySpace hymnofnone
YouTube hymnofnone99
Portrayed by Marnette Patterson
List of Maggie's blogs
Videos with Maggie

Margaret Ann "Maggie" Schaeffer (also known as Patient #212) is a character in the LG15: The Resistance video series. She is trait positive, and has been used by LifesBlood Labs as a blood supply. Her struggles have been seen via security footage posted by the Hymn of None, and has been recently revealed as one of their agents.


Maggie was abducted on May 14th, 2003 by her primary care physician - Dr. Leonard J. Alderman, who would later become the president of LifesBlood Labs. He discovered that Maggie's body was resilient, and was able to extract her blood several times a day, using a prototype created by Verdus Pharmaceuticals. While it remains unclear what the blood has been used for, it has been implied that LifesBlood is using it to "conquer death".

Damsel in Distress

On September 17th, 2008, The Hymn of None posted information they had gotten during a hack of the LifesBlood Labs Website. The data included a list of names, Maggie being the only one not dead or in a coma. Further research led to a website called "Maggie Come Home", and forum members contacted her parents via the site to inform them of what they have found. Her parents updated the website, stating that they have contacted the proper authorities and they hope to see their daughter again soon. Their message entreats all those who have helped to "find your eternal song," indicating most likely that Maggie's parents are members of the Order.

Maggie made her first appearance a few days later in archival footage from September 2007 posted by the Hymn of None so that her story would live on. She was weakened both physically and psychologically by the procedure, and found comfort only in the thought of being rescued, an idea that was fed by a young employee of LifesBlood named Beaumont, whom she began to get romantically involved with. However, once LifesBlood discovered the relationship, they demoted Beaumont to the position of Janitor, and told Maggie that he had been transferred to another facility. Maggie was extremely distressed by this, to the point where she threw a powerful tantrum despite having blood taken moments before. Her spirits are lifted when Beaumont comes to see her while mopping the hallway, and assures her through a note that he will save her.

Maggie convinced herself that Beaumont would come through for her, and held out hope, going through torture and blood-draining in the meantime.

Breaking Free

With Beaumont's help, Maggie was able to escape from her cell. Unfortunately, the security guards caught up with her and brought her back.


Margaret is derived from Latin Margarita, which was from Greek μαργαριτης (margarites) meaning "pearl", probably a borrowing from Sanskrit. Saint Margaret, the patron of expectant mothers, was martyred at Antioch in the 4th century. Later legends told of her escape from a dragon, with which she was often depicted in medieval art. The saint was popular during the Middle Ages, and her name has been widely used in the Christian world. [1].


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