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Welcome to the LG15pedia, an online encyclopedia designed around the on-going Lonelygirl15 series. This is a wiki, which allows anyone to edit it, including you. This means that we can provide the most complete, accurate information which will update as the series does.

We're brand new, so there are currently only 3,320 articles. However, the fan database is quite large and so it's almost guaranteed that we will be expanding soon. If you're a fan who would like to contribute, we welcome you. If you'd like, you can register and begin contributing right away. Even if you're not comfortable making large edits, you can fix typos and misspellings as you find them.

We don't have much yet, but if you'd like to check and see if we do have something, try entering something into the search box to the left. Additionally, you can click the Random page link if you'd like to be taken to any LG15pedia article.

Please keep in mind that the LG15pedia contains spoilers for the entire Lonelygirl15 series. If you do not wish to be spoiled, we suggest that you leave the site now.