Me, I'm Not (File 2/15)

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Episode 4/2x004
Me, I'm Not (File 2/15)

Of course the bad guy's name is Nicolai Black!

Blogger Agent Penn
Date Posted November 12th, 2008
Length 2:19
Description This is getting ridiculous. This clown needs to stop whining.
YouTube Tags opzerosum zero-sum zero sum linc tom russell julie summer lg15 lonelygirl15 resistance home office
Linc Logan Rapp
Agent Penn Unknown
Summer Unknown
Julie Unknown
Michael Unknown
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Me, I'm Not (File 2/15) is the fourth video in the The Home Office video series.


(Warped footage of the Home Office logo)

Penn: What's on your mind Linc?

Linc: You ever notice how everyone on the ground floor of... whatever the fuck this is... how everyone fighting is looking like they're twelve.

Penn: It's a young person's war.

Linc: Versus the old?

Penn: Sure. The aging must stay in power, and they can't stay in power if they keep aging.

Linc: Hmm. You could have a point.

Penn: You still haven't told me about Julie.

Linc: No. I haven't.

(Cut to Summer, Linc, and Julie facing a webcam.)

Julie: Are we up? Can you see us Michael

(Michael's screen appears in a small box at the bottom center of the screen.)

Michael: We're up. Good morning Linc.

Linc: This Morning?

Summer: He hasn't had his coffee yet.

Michael: Julie, is he going to be a problem?

Julie: No, he won't.

Michael: Summer, brief us on what we're doing here.

Summer: The Target has a lot of aliases, some dating back to the American Revolution and-

Linc: Just give us the one that sounds the most evil.

Summer: One of the ones he's going by now is Nicolai Black.

Linc: There ya go.

Summer: Age unknown. He's got shell company after shell company under his various names, sending money this way and that, and lots of pharmaceutical companies that go under in about a year.

Linc: I'm waiting for the part where I'm supposed to care.

Julie: He's an Elder, Linc.

Linc: Seriously? (Gets up and leaves)

Julie: Linc!

Linc: Name ain't Linc. (Julie gets up and follows him)

Michael: Where is he going?

(Cut to Julie Cam)

Julie: Linc! Wait!

Linc: You drag me into this: I'm going to get everyone shot. The Oder's a really big cult. A lot of money. Girls dying left and right.

Julie: They're killing these special trait positive girls to make themselves live just a little longer. If we kill them...

Linc: The whole system collapses.

Julie: Right. Now stop being a baby and get your ass back inside.

(Linc hits gate and goes back inside.)

Linc: (muttering) Fucking shit.

(Cut to webcam. Linc and Julie walk up.)

Michael: Change your mind?

Linc: Yeah, whatever. So, lets cap an Elder.