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| actor      = [[Valerie Cutko]]
| actor      = [[Valerie Cutko]]
| first      = [[Dudley did it!]]
| first      = [[Dudley did it!]]
| last        = [[Precious Blood: 6PM]]
| last        = [[What Is She Saying?]]
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| color      = #ae2301

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Michelle Clore
First Appearance Last Appearance
Dudley did it! What Is She Saying?
Character information
Age Unknown
Portrayed by Valerie Cutko

Videos with Michelle Clore

Michelle Clore is an artist world famous for her circle pictures. She is reclusive, iconic and is very rarely seen in public. She has an American accent. She travels with two body guards, dressed in black with dark sunglasses. She claims that she is always interested in what young people are doing creatively and is particularly interested in Kate's dream interpretation videos. She told Kate at the exhibition at the Second Space Gallery that she has made some really fine work, that a lot of people are very interested in her and that she has caused "a lot of buzz". After the shooting incident she thanked Kate for saving her life. When Kate demanded to know what the shooter meant by the Order, Michelle Clore replied "let me show you."

Michelle Clore met with Kate immediately before Kate's disappearance. It is unknown what she told Kate, but Kate was visibly upset during their meeting and Kate's behavior changed dramatically afterwards. Kate assaulted Charlie and willingly got into a van with a man in a dark suit and sunglasses.

Dudley and Dr. William Griffin believe that Michelle Clore is an Elder of the Order. While this has yet to be proven as fact, it is known that her circle picture contains a stereogram of the Hymn of One symbol and her name is on the Hymn of One register.

It was revealed in Coming Home for Xmas that Michelle duped Kate into believing that Kate was an Elder whose memory was erased. In actuality, Michelle was keeping an eye on Kate to make sure her trait positive levels became normal again. This implies that Kate was being prepared for the Ceremony. Once Kate found out, she ran off with a list of genetically altered trait positives and lived on the streets. Kate's friends believed that Kate defected back to Michelle, but Michelle admitted that she had a team trying to track down Kate and did not know her whereabouts.

On New Year's Day, Terrence sought retaliation on Clore and her Watchers for stealing Gavin & Tariq's software that he had invested in. As Terrence pulled a semi-automatic weapon on a defenseless Clore, a group of Watchers and Shadows stormed in and saved Michelle.

Following Kate's murder, Charlie sought Michelle for answers regarding Kate's final days. Michelle denied having anything to do with Kate's murder, and suggested that fault may lie with Steve.


  • Michelle has been given the nickname, "The Claw" by Charlie & Gavin.
  • Michelle Clore may be named after the "Clore Gallery" at the Tate Britain.


Follow this link for theories about Michelle Clore.

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