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Miss Me? is the second video in the LG15 series to contain a puzzle that viewers can solve. The first video to contain such a puzzle was Bree Phone Home. The Bree Phone Home puzzle however, was much simpler and not implicitly tied to the OpAphid ARG. OpAphid videos always contain puzzles, but this is the first of that series to be incorporated into the Lonelygirl15 series.

The symbols

There are very faint symbols that flash momentarily, several times during the video, in different corners of the screen. The symbols appear to be braille, although the resolution is poor, and the contrast in the video needs to be increased in order to see them properly. See External Links for the video with contrast.

Watch out for the flashes at these times (in min:sec)

  • The first is in the lower left corner at 0:04
  • The second is in the upper left corner at 0:19
  • The third is in the lower right corner at :33
  • The fourth is in the upper right corner at 0:45
  • The fifth is in the lower left corner at :58
  • The sixth is in the upper left at 1:15
  • The seventh (and last) is in the upper right corner at 1:27


Due to the poor quality of the symbols displayed, they don't look much like braille, although they were intended to. Each of the screencaps below has three rows. The first shows the symbols as they were displayed, the second shows their braille equivalent, and the third translates the braille to letters. (screencaps to be added soon).

First set

Braille 1 HARD.gif Anagrams to "HARD".

Second set

Braille 2 AND LIFE.gif Anagrams to "AND LIFE".

Third set

Braille 3 HEINZ.gif Anagrams to "HEINZ".

Fourth set

Braille 4 SQUARE.gif Anagrams to "SQUARE".

Fifth set

Braille 5 MILE.gif Anagrams to "MILE".

Sixth set

Braille 6 RIP STEPHEN.gif Anagrams to "RIP STEPHEN".

Seventh set

Braille 7 ASMODAI.gif Anagrams to "ASMODAI".

The phone number

Together, all the solved phrases are


They each have some number associated with them.

  • Hard = Hard Eight, a movie. (8)
  • And Life = A song by Skid Row, called 18 and Life (18)
  • Heinz = The Ketchup (57)
  • Square = 4 Square, the children's game. (4)
  • Mile = 8 mile, the movie. (8)
  • RIP Stephen = St. Stephen, who died in the year 34 AD. (34) (Note: Many have also suspect RIP Stephen is also in reference to Bree's dad, whose name is unknown to viewers.)
  • Asmodai = The demon of lust, the seventh sin. (7)
8 18 57 4 8 34 7

The number is: (818)-574-8347

Daniel's voicemail message

Daniel's message to Bree is

 "Hey, this is Daniel.  Leave a message if you want to, but I only call back girls who do ceremonies. (In a whisper) Bree, do the ceremony."

See External Links for the forum thread of the puzzle and an audio file of Daniel's message.

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