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Molly is a character who was going to be introduced in the "new girl" story arc. Originally, the Taylor character was going to be a decoy and Molly would be the new Ceremony girl who Bree would try to save. However, the actress pulled out of the project, and The Creators decided to use Jules as the decoy and have Taylor become Sarah's sister.

Molly's story would begin shortly after The Perfect Beach was released, when she would begin posting videos in her bedroom alongside her stuffed animals. She's a little shy about her religion, but has been chosen for a special Ceremony. TAAG is unaware of this until Tachyon clues them in, after which fans help to track her down to Wickenburg, AZ. Bree shows Molly her videos, which almost scares her out of doing the Ceremony. However, she is afraid to tell her parents, for she doesn't want to disappoint them the way her sister Sarah always does.

Apparently Sarah is the biological daughter of Molly's parents, who has been essentially ignored since Molly was placed with them. Molly has always been told that she is the "good" daughter while Sarah is the "bad" one. Sarah rebels against this by doing things such as "making out with boys and stuff."

The following week, Molly strangely changes her mind and decides to do the Ceremony--but it's clear that something isn't quite right. By the middle of the week, Molly has disappeared.

At this point, Bree, Daniel, and Jonas head to Molly's house, where we see Sarah for the first time. Bree witnesses her being yelled at, after which Sarah spots Bree, telling her to "get that fucking camera out of my face!" and gets into a car with a random guy. Bree tries to see if she can spot Molly through a window, but can't. Finally, Bree works up the courage to knock on the door, only to be yelled at by Molly's mom. At the end of the week, a video appears showing Molly's empty bedroom (which is later revealed to have been posted by Sarah).

Bree quickly regrets not busting down the door and rescuing Molly. Bree and her friends return to the bunker, where they hear a strange noise outside. They panic, believing the Order has found them, but are relieved to find Sarah outside. She quickly explains how concerned she's been in recent weeks--the final straw being Molly taken away, during which time she overheard some blonde woman on a cell phone giving a date and location for the Ceremony.

With Tachyon’s assistance, the group travels to where the Ceremony is being held as they form an elaborate plan to split up and rescue Molly. They each have a camera on them to record evidence to help expose the Order once and for all.

Once they’ve split up, Bree is able to find Molly, and they have one final conversation where Bree thinks she can still save her. However, Molly quickly turns the tables on Bree when she declares that she is a true believer in what the Order stands for and claims that Bree's blogs are all faked. Lucy soon appears and tells Bree that Molly was warned about her in advance and that by trying to save Molly, she only made her more determined to go forward with the Ceremony.

Bree tries to turn the tables back in her favor by telling Lucy that her friends are on the premises, but Lucy informs her that they have already been caught. However, Tachyon is safe, and is able to post footage from her hidden cameras showing how TAAG escapes, alongside creepy glimpses of the Ceremony she was able to capture before it became to risky for her to stick around.

Afterwards, the entire group feels upset and blames themselves for what happened with Molly. Sarah plans to leave the group, but when she returns to her house, she finds that her parents have left and discovers boxes marked for charity with her sister's belongings, pretty much confirming that Molly died in the Ceremony. This information floors Bree and angers Sarah, who vows to join the Resistance to avenge her sister's death.


  • Molly was created by Glenn Rubenstein. He named her after Molly Hayes, a young, innocent character from the comic book Runaways. [1]
  • The actress cast for this role was a redhead.


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