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Episode 0005
My Dad / Crazy Dance

Flowersonmyhat Dad Crazy.jpg
All this religion talk is making me CRAZY!

Blogger Flowersonmyhat
Date Posted May 6th, 2007
Description I talk about my new plan, my parents, and how I'm going nuts.

I'm so bored!! Aaagghh...

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My Dad / Crazy Dance is the fifth video in the flowersonmyhat video series.


Allison: So I've decided that in addition to my regular classes, I'm going to do a little bit of extra-curricular studying. I've been reading up online on what I thought was my religion and other ones related to it. I wanted to know what my real religion is, why my mom pulled me out, and what it is I'm eligible for. I refuse to take this lying down.

(She looks around and realizes that she is lying down. Cut to Allison sitting in front of her bed.)

Allison: I refuse to take this lying down! You might be wondering why I always talk about my mom, you know, where my dad is? Join the club. He left my mom while she was pregnant with me. Just left. No note, no call, no child support. Nothing. It was like he walked off the face of the earth. What a jerk, right? I think that might be one of the reasons that my mom is so protective of me and why she doesn't want me to go out with boys. Besides our religion, you know. So anyway, it's just me and my mom here. Well, mostly just me because she works 10 hour days. I think I'm going crazy.

(Allison dances.)

Allison: Bye!


  • Her father leaving may be the reason Allison's mom joined the Hymn of One