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Episode 0001
My FIRST Video!!

I felt like I could relate to Bree.

Blogger kelseygirl15
Date Posted April 6th, 2007
Description Ahh! The excitement!
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YouTube Tags lonelygirl15
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My FIRST Video!! is the first video in the Kelseygirl15 video series. Kelsey talks about herself and her addiction to lonelygirl15.


Kelsey: Hey everyone, this is Kelsey, schneidz124. Most of you may not know who I am because I've been a long time lurker on the comment boards. I don't even know if they're called comment boards, but that's what I'm gonna call 'em. Umm... I have started talking to some of you a few days ago and ever since I have been checking the site non-stop and this time not just for the videos. I've been a lonelygirl fan since September and ever since I started watching I just couldn't stop. I love Bree, Daniel, Jonas, and all the characters even though some of them are a little shady. Ummm...the last video that Bree posted was Spring Break Sucks and even though most of you thought it was a filler video and it didn't answer any pressing questions that we all have and I wish they would answer some of them cause its driving me a little crazy, I did enjoy the video. I felt like I could relate to Bree, especially on the idea that Spring Break sucks because today is my first day of spring break. There's three inches of snow on the ground, and all my friends have gone South for...meh, I'm making my friends sound like birds. They've all gone on vacation for a week and left me behind. So it looks like you'll be seeing a lot of me. I..this being my first video I don't really know what to do or what to say so, I would appreciate your feed back, but be nice, you know, I'm trying something new. So that's about it, and I'll see you all later.