My mom took me out of school...

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Episode 0003
My mom took me out of school...

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Blogger Flowersonmyhat
Date Posted April 24th, 2007
Description I'm really upset. Sorry about the bad lighting, I just filmed this in my closet because I want to be as far away from my mom as I can get right now.
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YouTube Tags allison flowersonmyhat mom school beliefs violation no banquet angry sad depressed closet lonelygirl15
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My mom took me out of school... is the third video in the flowersonmyhat video series.


Allison: So, I guess I won't be going to the banquet after all. I had a Philosophy test at school today, and I was reviewing my notes at breakfast. My mom asked what we were studying, so I gave her my notebook. Big mistake. She looked at it for like a second, and then she started screaming about how she thought this school was close enough to our beliefs, but obviously not, because they were teaching me a pack of lies, and how if they kept poisoning my mind like this, I wouldn't be eligible anymore. Eligible? Eligible for what? Anyway, I tried to calm her down, but she just kept yelling. And then she called the school and pulled me out. She told me that I was going to start going to school at home. And then she burned my notebook. I asked her if I could still go to the banquet with Jake, and she started yelling again. She said... she said that I was never to speak to anyone from the Academy ever again. And that I couldn't go out with boys anyway, because it was a violation of our beliefs. Only, I don't know what to believe anymore.