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'''NillaWafers''' is a [[YouTube]] user and  [[cassieiswatching]] sleuther that resides in [[Azusa]], {{wikipedia|California}}, the same town that [[Frank|Blogspot Frank]] was staying when he made the cassieiswatching videos.  This was also the closest town in proximity to the location of [[Bree]]'s [[Swimming!]] video and  cassieiswatching's [[This Is My Story Now]] video.  Familiar with the area she set out with a friend in a failed attempt to find the hole as chronicled in her video {{youtube|0f6DY8ztVjg|The Chase}}.  After going home and getting more location info, she set out again, this time successfully finding the swimming hole but with mixed results that caused her to name the resulting video {{youtube|-6LLlvlYFqU|Ugh!}}.  While she did indeed find the swimming hole and the dropped bag from [[This Is My Story Now]] it seems someone had beaten them there. Experienced [[ARG]] enthusiast [[Cu Roi]] had already found the allegedly game-jacked drop as seen in his video {{youtube|xCUOU_vud0A|Casket of Tears}}. What Nilla did find in the sack was a note from Cu Roi telling her she had found the right spot except she was not the first to find it.
== External link ==
[http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=NillaWafers NillaWafers Youtube Channel]
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