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* Orange is a repeated color theme in the movie, The Godfather
* Orange is a repeated color theme in the movie, The Godfather
* Two words: Clockwork Orange
==Icee ==
==Icee ==

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Mmm... Orange.

As you can see, these Orange Slurpees and possibly other Orange products (i.e Orange Juice), are very serious and VERY destructive. However, Orange Slurpee has started a website in his/her/its defense, stating that OS is unaffiliated with the Order and actually has NO evil intentions.

The word orange appears as a tag to Gemma's video A Watcher.

Shortly after this website was erected, the "Breakfast In Bed" video clip came out, showing multiple images and references to oranges. Orange Slurpee commented on this in the most recent OS blog. Fans speculate that these images were foreshadowing of the impending danger of the Watchers facing Bree and Daniel.

Jonas went on record in the LG15 chat on 27 November 2006 as being a fan of orange Slurpees and one who hangs around at the local 7-Eleven. Also, the clock in Jonas's house was set to approximately 7:11 in the video Trust Issues

Dr. Immant, in his most recent video, Order Announcement: New Policy to Combat Misinformation., making a public announcement, sipped on a Slurpee saying "mmm orange" when he thought he was no longer on the air.

In the video Truth Or Dare, a drunken Daniel slurrs, "Let's get a Slurpee."

In a video titled ARONEG released by the707clique, "clique" (or 707clique), a user known for using foul language on the forum, drinks an Orange Slurpee in an attempt to prove it wrong, and turns evil.

Orange Slurpee Credits

The original logo for Orange Julius.

Characters Who Have Played A Major Role in Orange Slurpee's character development:

Sydney, Lizard, Joe, HoorayForMeImMakingOut, Grace, QuickClick, Hooda17, Georgia, Orange Slurpee, Marbella, Tessaroo, and many others.

These selected few are referred to as the OSC. For a long period of time, many members went missing. They have slowly begun to reappear, one by one.

Orange Notes- Proving Orange Wrong/Evil

  • Orange Juliuses are tasty orange drinks. Orange Julius's logo has the Devil on it. The Devil was evil before being evil was cool. Evil is now cool. Orange Julius is cool, has the Devil on its logo and is orange, Obviously, orange is evil as hell (pun intended).
  • Prison inmates are often dressed in orange. Most prisoners are criminals. Most criminals are evil. So prison inmates are evil and wear orange therefore, orange is evil.
  • Pumpkins are orange. Pumpkins play a big role in horror movies like Pumpkinhead and anything about Sleepy Hollow and the Green Goblin uses exploding pumpkins. All of these characters are evil. Pumpkins are orange and are used by evil people therefore, orange must be evil.
  • Orange is a repeated color theme in the movie, The Godfather
  • Two words: Clockwork Orange


At the time Bree was captured, she was drinking an Orange Icee. It has been theorized that Orange Icee is as evil as its nefarious cousin, Orange Slurpee.


Orange Slurpee's Myspace Page

HorrayForMeImMakingOut's video