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Episode 0001 / 0008
Pick Me!!

Look right here!

Blogger Schneidz124
Date Posted April 21st, 2007
URL youtube.com
Description You won't be disappointed.
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YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 danielbeast jonastko hymnofone
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Pick Me!! is the first video in the Schneidz124 video series, and the eighth in the Kelseygirl15 video series. It was posted in response to Bree's video, New Girl.


Kelsey: Alright, there's been all this hype about a new girl. A new girl... who is she... who could she be? It could be anyone. There's like fifty of them. And who could it be? All I have to say is, (Gestures emphatically towards herself) look right here. Look right here! Right here... right here... right here. Look right here. I could totally be the new girl. Totally. I mean, just look at the reasons. Number one, I play soccer. Not only do I play soccer, I actually win my games. I don't miss the net on penalty shots. I win. Doesn't the Order want winners? I win. Pick me. Pick me. Reason number two, I have a cat. His name is Beans. And if you ask me... Beans Piglet BEANS. Beans is the winner here. That's two reasons right there. I can rap. I can totally... you know... do whatever they do when they rap. If you haven't seen my Grillz video, then you're missing out. I made a Grillz video, Bree made a Grillz video. Well, I only made a Grillz video because Bree made a Grillz video. But still. Grillz videos. Connection? I think so. Okay, what else? I have a Linsybeast. Danielbeast, Linsybeast. Beasts. I have a Beast. Come on! It's all there! It's all there. They should recognize it's all there and pick me. I could be your new girl. I will write you to be the new girl. Yes, I am. Maybe, I don't know. This whole Ceremony thing's a little sketchy. So maybe I shouldn't be the new girl. Maybe. But I don't know. It's there... it's there. Let's see, Beans the cat. That's better than Piglet. I'm sure I can find him somewhere. (Begins walking with camera.) I think he's over here. He's over here somewhere. I heard him. I thought I heard him. Maybe I didn't hear him. Oh, I think I hear something meowing. Oh, look at that. (Shot of the tail of a cat as it walks out the door.) Beans. Come back here. (Camera follows the cat and we hear a door shutting.) I mean, come on. If that isn't that isn't what you're looking for, then I don't know what you want. Pick me. You will not be disappointed. Well, maybe. I don't really know. But hey, kelseygirl15, she's got it. She does.