pick up the phone!

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Itscassie Video 0010
pick up the phone!

..hello? itscassie!

Blogger itscassie
Date Posted December 18th, 2006
URL revver.com
Description Our precious Bree cant take a joke.
YouTube Tags itscassie
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pick up the phone! is the tenth video in the itscassie series. It was posted in response to Bree Phone Home. Cassie prank calls Bree, Daniel, Gemma, and Jonas.


(Cassie takes a phone and dials a number. Cut to her talking to the phone.)

Cassie: Hi, are you Gemma? You better lock your door cause I'm coming over. Jonas, have you checked your parents room? I followed you home the other day. I'm hiding under their bed. Do you know where your parents are Daniel? I have them...and they're going to be my dinner! But don't leave the house, because I'm watching you. Hi Bree. I'm watching. You haven't seen me, but I've seen you. It's Cassie. (whispering even more quietly) I was here. I was here. I was here. I was here. I was here.

(Cassie hangs up)


  • Daniel's parents are not known to be missing as of the posting of this video.

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