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LG15: The Resistance is the name of a new series coming from EQAL.

The show will debut at the New York Television Festival on September 16, 2008.[1]


The series was first announced, though not by name, in a post on Inside LG15 on July 4, 2008:

"...We will also be premiering a new LG15 Universe show based in the US. It will bring together the best parts of lonelygirl15 and KateModern, including some of your favorite characters. To make room for the new storyline and characters, we’ve decided to bring the lonelygirl15 storyline to an end. We are working with amazing writers and actors and are very excited about the new show. To this community, it will feel less like a new show and more like another chapter in the LG15 storyline that picks up where lonelygirl15 and KateModern left off. To new members of the community, it will be a new story that they can get into from the start so they can experience the show without the need to watch over 500 videos...."


The resistance: Trailer released on August 1, 2008, which identified the name of the new show for the first time.

Fun Things To Do in Hiding - Volume One: Pre-cursor teaser from Sarah (Aug. 26, 2008).

ARG/interactive component: Interactive components created since the end of lonelygirl15.