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*[http://one.revver.com/watch/141994 Watch]
*[http://one.revver.com/watch/141994 Watch]
[[Lose Something?]](OpAphid)
[[Lose Something?]](OpAphid)
*[http://one.revver.com/watch/151617 watch]
*[http://one.revver.com/watch/151617 Watch]
[[Miss Me?]] (OpAphid)
*[http://one.revver.com/watch/161454 Watch]

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Be advised, the links below include the puzzle solutions as well as the puzzles themselves.

SmallEye.jpg   Characters   SmallEye.jpg

  • OpAphid - Less a character and more an "organization."
  • Tachyon - Having inflitrated the order, she's on the run with important information.
  • Brother/10033 - Brother isn't really family, he's Tachyon's partner.

SmallEye.jpg   The Puzzles   SmallEye.jpg

SmallEye.jpg   Profile Updates   SmallEye.jpg

SmallEye.jpg   Useful Links   SmallEye.jpg

SmallEye2.jpg   The Videos   SmallEye2.jpg

Chronological but not necessarily logical order:

Misdirected. Lost Visual in the Burn Out (Brother/10033)

Sparks Are Flying (Brother/10033)

3-2-1 Contact (Brother/10033)

You Made the Right Choice, Bree! (OpAphid)

an update of sorts (Tachyon)

DO GO TO GOD, Cassie (for my helper) (OpAphid)

Everyone Hates Cassie: What a poor, lonely girl. (OpAphid)

They Attack Cassie! Is Daniel next? He crossed the line.(OpAphid)

What ever happened to that girl, Cassie? (OpAphid)

Cassie is Lying, Cassie Tells Lies (OpAphid)

Disclosure: Cassie. We Are "They" (OpAphid)

Which Side Are You On? (Keep This In Mind) (OpAphid)

Cassie Does Not R.I.P. (Rest In Peace) (OpAphid)

my lonesome update for mid October (Tachyon)

URGENT: For My Helper! (Tachyon)

The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful (OpAphid)

They Are Still Everywhere (Tachyon)

They Are Watching (Tachyon)

Adventures in Babysitting (OpAphid)

Mysteries of My Past... Revealed: My Time in Suburbia (Tachyon)

Knock 'Em Down (Tachyon)

Home Alone (OpAphid)

Gemma? [Part I] (Tachyon)

Gemma? [Part II] (Tachyon)

Gemma? [Part III] (Tachyon)

Gemma [Part IV] (Tachyon)

Gemma [Part V] (Brother/10033)

The Ends Justify The Means (OpAphid)

Lose Something?(OpAphid)

Miss Me? (OpAphid)