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The Season One Finale, otherwise known as 12 in 12, in the lonelygirl15 series took place on August 3rd, 2007. Starting at 8:00 AM Pacific Standard Time, one video was posted every hour, on the hour, for twelve hours on MySpaceTV. Fans were also able to participate with the characters in various ways, including chats and meeting locations.

The Event

The ceremony is at 4PM today. Taylor wants to go with the boys to save Bree.
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.
While the car's batteries need fixing, the clues are being decoded.
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.
A high speed chase - the TAAG vs a Watcher!
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.
The TAAG is trapped in a warehouse and needs some outside help.
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.
IRC Chat
Nikki B. interacts with fans in the IRC chatroom.

Nikki B. retrieves a Deep Throat drop while the kids are trapped.
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.
Nikki B. to the Rescue!
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.
Daniel has another chat with Deep Throat.
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.
The TAAG try to decipher Deep Throat's numbers in an empty hanger.
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.
At the site of the Ceremony, the TAAG run into trouble.
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.
Taylor tries to comfort Jonas after a Shadow stabbed him.
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As Jonas is being treated by Spencer, a lonely girl meets her fate...
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.
TAAG mourns over the loss of Bree.
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.
Daniel receives a final message from Bree.
Watch at MySpaceTV.com No link(s) entered.

IRC Chat

Nikki Bower first appeared in the "HymnOfOne" unofficial IRC chat room following the first season finale video. At 2:16 PM she began talking to users logged in.

<nikkibowerreport> it wasn't deep throat but a "friend"
<nikkibowerreport> it needs to be decoded
<nikkibowerreport> i don't know what it means
<nikkibowerreport> hold on :)
<nikkibowerreport> ok let me scan it so everyone can see it...
<nikkibowerreport> it's to Daniel, something about Augustine
<nikkibowerreport> Daniel, you, alone, must find Augustine's mother...
<nikkibowerreport> she has what you need
<nikkibowerreport> You'll know her when you see her.
<nikkibowerreport> hold on
<nikkibowerreport> getting to a scanner
<nikkibowerreport> it won't let me paste the link
<nikkibowerreport> :(
<nikkibowerreport> ok..
<nikkibowerreport> posted!
<nikkibowerreport> please help with the code!!!

The link Nikki gave in chat, along with another link posted by "meh" were later posted as a comment on the fourth finale video.

The columns of numbers in Nikki's picture add up to 111 (each) x3 columns = 333, so people think the meeting time at the statue is 3:33.


On Friday, July 13, 2007, the Creators posted on the comment board for the video Sing Until The End, stating that they had a "BIG ANNOUNCEMENT".

The Announcement


On Friday, August 3, 2007, we will have our Season Finale of Season One of Lonelygirl15. It’s what you all have been asking for, and a reason why we have been so busy. We will upload 12 episodes, one per hour, over the course of 12 consecutive hours. Also, comprehensive catch-up video will be available online two days prior to the Season Finale Event.

So grab your popcorn, tell five of your friends, and join us for this day long event! Oh yeah, Season 2 starts the following Monday [August 6th, 2007].


Miles, Mesh, Greg, Amanda, Kevin, Jan, Ross, Jessica, Yousef, Jackson, Becki, Alexandra, Maxwell, P. Monkey, and Owen." [1]


They later posted a follow up, clarifying that the event would be starting at 8 am PST. [2]

The Idea

The suggestion of "24 Videos in 24 Hours" was first posted in comment 230 of the Is He Out There? video on the in March 2007, as documented on the Breeniversisms page. The announcement includes both of the key ideas presented in the original suggestion: a concept of a special "season ending" event, and the rapid release of a hourly videos in a single day. The original idea was further developed by fans in a discussion thread on the forums, "24 in 24: How can it be done?"


  • The first six videos of the season finale were erroneously uploaded to MySpaceTV and viewable at 6:30 PM on August 2nd, 2007. The creators quickly noted the error and asked for anyone that had seen the videos to not spoil the plot for everyone else. The videos were pulled down shortly after.