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OpAphid follows the story of a sinister organization lead by a tyrannical leader who goes by the codename OpAphid. However, a small resistance movement lead by a young woman going by Tachyon threatens to destroy all of her plans, including the capture of a young girl named Bree.


Redearth88 follows the story of a girl named Rachel,a production assistant residing in Los Angeles who is being pursued by sinister forces. Her new roommate is an undercover secret agent who has been assigned to protect her, and figure out her connection to OpAPHID and a mysterious murder of a Stephen F. Austin University student.

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Maddison Atkins

Set in East Texas, Maddison Atkins is a young college student whose life is cut short after she is murdered whilst trying to help a mysterious person online. While the police are convinced they have captured the one responsible, the online community that had tried to help Maddison believe there is more to her story, as does the young film student who has been assigned to do a documentary on her murder.