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After the clues from the Cafe Coco, Nashville drop led us to Ray's Jazz Shop in Foyles Cafe in London, England, three attempts were made to retrieve the new drop. The first two were made by RedRevolver and Ezekiel, but were unsuccessful. However, a new user, named Afo [1] went to the store and was able to retrieve the drop.

Rays Jazz Note.jpg

The Pictures

The pictures are of a young girl with a broken arm, wearing a helmet on her head. Clara verified that she did not know who this girl was.

The Poem

It's not about trust,
My faith in you is strong.
I just got kind of nervous;
I know that I was wrong.

This poem comes from a larger poem called "Forgive Me" by Joey L. Eddins [2] The picture and poem as seen in the drop come from an ecard at funmunch.com which was created on October 16th, 2006.

The Letter

Levi, Deuteronomy, Masa'il, Evaristus, and (Hay) said:

Too slow. Oh well, we learn and move forward.
Keep your camera on. This is an incredible time for the creator inside all of us.
And like you, I am also seeking answers.
This is my story now.
Enjoy the show.


The signature for this letter was "Improperly Yours, Levi, Deuteronomy, Masa'il, Evaristus, and (Hay)".

  • Levi = 3rd son of Jacob and Leah
  • Deuteronomy = 5th book of the Hebrew Bible
  • Masa'il = 15th month of the Baha'i Calendar
  • Evaristus = 5th Pope
  • (hay) = 5th letter of Hebrew alphabet

If you look at each number in the meaning of the words, they are all numbers that are equivalent to a fraction. For instance, the 3rd in Levi would translate to 1/3. As such, the following fractions were made:

1/3, 1/5, 1/15, 1/5, and 1/5

If you add all these fractions together, you get 15/15. This corresponds to the sign-off before these numbers, "Improperly Yours," which implies that the fraction will be an improper one, just as 15/15 is.

This is the same number that resulted from Linc's phone mashup puzzle and ultimately led us to the YouTube account, 15over15.

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