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Episode 0011
Re: Contact

I wonder...

Blogger flowersonmyhat
Date Posted June 7th, 2007
Description Hola chicas! Let's be friends.
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YouTube Tags contact flock friends chrysplanet horrorlass lostgrl17 LOSTchild17 Mina5484 flowersonmyhat allison lonelygirl15
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Re: Contact is the eleventh video in the flowersonmyhat series. It was posted in response to chrysplanet's video Contact.


Allison: Okay, this video is for the other girls, Liandra, Alessandra, and especially Chrys. How are you guys doing? Chrys, do you really think you can tough it out on your own? Let me know if you need anything. Have you noticed that a lot of our names sound similar? I wonder if that means anything... You might also like to know that there’s a couple of other girls that seem kind of like they’re in the same boat, Mina and Lizzy. They seem pretty nice, and they’re homeschooled too. Maybe we can all be friends, since I think we’re all pretty lonely. (She waves.) Bye!