Re: Do You Have "It"? (Schneidz124)

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Flock Video - "It" Girl Response Video #2
Re: Do You Have "It"?

I really want to be part of the Flock, you know?

Blogger Schneidz124
Date Posted June 18th, 2007
Description I can't believe you would ask such a silly question! Of course I totally have it, and so much more! I mean honestly, I practically invented "it".
YouTube Tags the flock lonelygirl15 new girl kelseygirl15

Kelsey Unknown
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This article is about the Schneidz124 video. For the Lostgrl17 video, see Re: Do You Have "It"?, and for the original video, see Do You Have "It"?

Re: Do You Have "It"? is the second video response to the "It" Girl Video Challenge, a component of The Chosen Flock Video Series.


Kelsey: I am so beyond excited right now. I was on the computer, you know, just surfing the interweb, and them all the sudden, I saw an advertisement for the Flock. You know, that really prestigious clique that everybody's just dying to be a part of. They're having auditions. I would just love to be a member of the Flock, they're so great. I mean, they're so well known and popular. If I was just a part of them, I would be so popular, (chokes up crying) and that's just my dream you know. So here's my answers to your questions and I hope you guys pick me 'cause I really, really want to do this. You have no idea.

Question #1 True or False? According to’s latest newsletter bright, colorful sunglasses with big, chunky frames are set to be all the rage this summer.

Kelsey: Okay, as much as I love and all their predictions for whta's going to be all the rage this summer, I'm not going to answer that question because, you know, I believe that individualism and developing your own personal style is really important, and I believe the flock, you know, as a prestigious clique and all, should really be about defining their own style and not listening to what some silly website has to say. You know what I mean?

Question #2 You see an A-list celebrity shoplifting. What do you do and why?

Kelsey: Okay, as much as I love celebrities, you know, all they do for the world, I'm going to say that if I ever saw an A-list celebrity shop-lifting, I would definately do something about it, because shoplifting is wrong. It doesn't matter if you have millions of dollars and if your famous, it's totally wrong. And if you had that much money, why would you be shoplifting? I mean, honestly, come on.

Question #3 You’re on your way home from a cruise and a friend calls you last minute to invite you to a luncheon being thrown by the mayor’s wife. It starts in 15 minutes and all you have to wear are the clothes in your suitcase. What do you wear?

Kelsey: Okay, so the next question is all about, you know, I'm on a cruise and I'm coming home, and my friend wants me to go to some party at the mayor's wife's house? And I only have, like, one outfit in my suitcase, you know. But why would I want to go to a party at the mayor's wife's house? That sounds totally boring. I don't care if she's all like, semi-famous. I like to have a good time, and having a good time at some party hosted by an old person is totally not my style. I mean, even if it was Eva Longoria, you know, she's the mayor's wife in Desperate Housewives. Even if it was her party I wouldn't go because that seems totally boring. And isn't the Flock all about having a good time?

Question #4 You’re invited to a premiere. What is your shoe of choice?

Kelsey: Alright, this is a very tough question for me, because I love shoes. Shoes are like, art for your feet, you know. So if I was going to a premiere, and I had to choose shoes, this would be like a hard decision. Like, a life or death situation here. I'd have no idea what I'd do, and this is just... this is one of those questions that make or break you as a member of the Flock. So I'm going to say that I'd pick something that makes my legs look longer and really goes with my outfit, but stands out a little because it's all about having the greatest shoes, you know. So I don't know what I'd pick, it'd depend on my outfit, but it would be something totally hot, if you know what I mean. (Laughs)

Question #5 What is the hottest video game out there right now?

Kelsey: You guys are really tricky with the last one, you know, what's the hottest video game out there. And, I'm going to have to say that this is one of the hardest things I'd ever do because you know, me being a girl, I don't have a lot of experience with video games. But recently, I played Nintendo Wii at my friend's house, and it is so amazing. But not Wii Sports, 'cause you know, a girl doesn't want to sweat while they're playing video games and Wii Sports is a little too much action for me, if you know what I mean. So, I'm going to have to say like, Mario Party 8 for Wii because it's a fun game that you can play with all your friends, but you don't have to use too much of your energy, and you won't sweat and sweating is so gross, you know what I'm saying. I just, I just don't like to sweat, I'm a girl, you know. (Cut) Alright, so that's my little interview, I guess that's what you'd call it, and I really hope you guys pick me because this is all I've really ever wanted. I just feel like I'd be a great addition to your little clique. And I mean, come on, I have totally got it and so much more.


  • Kelsey's statements of "I'm a girl, so I don't like video games or sweat" could be considered a stereotype of women.