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Created by Jeromy Barber and Glenn Rubenstein
Rachel Sara E. R. Fletcher
Gregory Brad Maule
Marla Maya Kramer
Clara April Rickman
OpAphid Mari Devincenzi
Former Cast
Maddison Faye Austin
Adam W. Jason Zednick
Adam L. Adam Lamar
Production Crew
Executive Producers Jeromy Barber, Glenn Rubenstein
Editor Mike Frankson
Writer Jenni Powell
Role to be Clarified Vicki Tippit
Role to be Clarified surrealisticpill
Redearth88 Portal

Redearth88 is the first unofficial spinoff of Lonelygirl15 to have received a significant amount of views and press coverage. The "Maddison Atkins ARG" Aspect began on April 11, 2007 and Redearth a.k.a. Rachel posted her first video blog on July 13, 2007.

Redearth88 is set in Nacogdoches, Texas (Maddison Atkins) and Los Angeles (Redearth). It's two simulatneous storylines involve the Murder of a college student at SFA University and the investigation that follows, as well as that of a girl in Los Angeles working as a production assistant who is wanted by for unknown reasons.

Redearth88 videos appear on Youtube and

Behind the Scenes Videos

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