Resistance 7?

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Episode 0005
Resistance 7?

Luca Resistance.jpg
What Mark?

Blogger LucaSambuca87
Date Posted April 11th, 2007
Description So I found this flyer today, which had obviously been through a lot before it found its way into my hands.
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YouTube Tags lonelygirl15 Luca blog college orphanage New York City order resistance
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Resistance 7? is the fifth video in the LucaSambuca87 video series.


Luca: (Waves) Well, it's day two of not taking pills that I don't plan to. This is all reaching some kind of level that... I found this today. (Holds up piece of paper) It's a flyer. It looks like it's been through a lot. But I mean it was just laying on the sidewalk. It says, "Resistance 7. Do not submit. Join the fight. Meeting by the Mark on the 15th." That's all its says. And then there's this little symbol at the bottom that looks like it's crossed out. I've never even seen it before. And meeting by the Mark? I have no idea where that is. I mean there's marks of all different kinds all over the campus. And what are they resisting against? Do not submit, join the fight? What fight? Submitting to what? I'm going to have to do some research. I dunno, look around campus. Take note of all the marks I see. Hopefully I can figure something out by the 15th. I don't even know who this is and I'm talking about going to this meeting. But I have to do something. Something's wrong here. Hopefully before the 15th I can figure out what it is. Until then... I guess I'll just continue trying to get through it all. Without the pills.