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| name        = {{PAGENAME}}
| number      = 0028
| image      = 0028-KM-Charlie-Gavin.jpg
| caption    = Both mixed together.
| blogger    = Gavin
| date        = August 18th, 2007
| url        = {{KM|37}}
| forumid    = 172
| length      = 01:27
| description = starting to get bored. I wonder how long it takes for cabin fever to set in?
| location    = [[Tariq and Gavin's office]]
<!-- Production Credits leave blank after "=" if data is not available -->
| execprod = Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried
| coexecprod = Joanna Shields and Amanda Goodfried
| assocprod = Cristy Coors Beasley
| serprod = Pete Gibbons
| pm = Kelly Brett
| pa = Claire Finbow
| pr = Amy Barnes
| ipa = Jonathan Almond
| directors = Gavin Rowe
| headwriter = Luke Hyams
| vidplay = Luke Hyams
| story = Miles Beckett, Luke Hyams, Hazel Grian and Tom Wright
| editor = Sam Rowland
| prodserv = Sniffer Ltd.
| song =
| cast = {{VidChar|Charlie}}
| Previous = I have to go
| Next = Dizzy Rascals
| PreviousB =
| NextB = Office Romance
| PreviousC =
| NextC =
| KM = yes
'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is the twenty-eighth webisode in the [[KateModern]] [[List of KateModern videos|video series]].
(''[[Charlie]], clearly bored, is walking around the office space with a camera in hand. One moment, she is rifling through the junk on [[Gavin]]'s desk, the next, she is playing with the lamp and shining its light everywhere.'')
'''Charlie:''' There you are, smartest man in the world...
'''Gavin:''' You finished? We should play a game.
'''Charlie:''' What kind of game?
'''Gavin:''' (''raising eyebrows suggestively'') Strip poker?
'''Charlie:''' In your dreams, Gav.
'''Gavin:''' Haven't got any cards.
(''Cut to Charlie and Gavin, laying on their backs with their heads touching.'')
'''Gavin:''' Sweet or salty popcorn?
'''Charlie:''' Both mixed together. (''laughs softly with Gavin'') Saturday or Sunday?
'''Gavin:''' Friday night. (''Charlie nods her approval'') Sheep or cows?
'''Charlie:''' Little baby lambs.
'''Gavin:''' Awww.
'''Charlie:''' (''hesitates'') Blonde or brunette?
'''Gavin:''' Um, brunette, you see? (''looks at Charlie pointedly'')
'''Charlie:''' Tea or coffee?
'''Gavin:''' Hey, hold on, it's my go! Uh, son or daughter?
'''Charlie:''' Daughter. I'd... I think I'd like to have a daughter just like my sister.
'''Gavin:''' That's boring. I'd need a whole five-a-side squad of boys before I had a girl. Would that work for you?
(''Charlie makes a face'')
'''Charlie:''' Not with you it wouldn't.
'''Gavin:''' Well, you must already have a few kids stashed about the place?
'''Charlie:''' Yeah, sure Gav, in every corner of the globe.
(''Gavin chuckles to himself and camera angle changes'')
'''Charlie:''' (''scrunches up face'') I have to go to the toilet.
'''Gavin:''' (''disbelief'') Again?
'''Charlie:''' (''nods'') Yeah.
*The way Charlie dwells on the mention of her sister seems to suggest complications in their relationship.
*Also the way Charlie reacts on the mention of "having kids stashed all over the world" she *may* have had a child and lost it through an abortion, adoption, or miscarriage.
*Fans are speculating that Charlie could be pregnant, because she has to ''go'' so much.

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