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Immant Video 5
Seeing the Big Picture.

Isn't "observatory" a synonym for "watcher"?

Blogger Dr. Immant
Date Posted November 14th, 2006
Description Destiny is no more than a mathematical equation that utilizes astrological data.
YouTube Tags dr doctor LG15 lonelygirl15 daniel tetrabiblos astrology zodiac immant night ghot caretaker
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Seeing the Big Picture is the fifth video in the Immant video series.


(The video starts in silence until a voiceover of Dr. Immant starts.)

Dr. Immant: Claudius Ptolemy was an astronomer, mathematician, and geographer who lived near Alexandria. (Dr. Immant arrives at Griffith Observatory.) Almost nothing is known about him. What is known is that he was not Greek nor was he even a Ptolemy meaning he was not related to the Ptolemaic rulers of the time. He was born in Upper Egypt, and may have been the head librarian at the museum of Alexandria.

He compiled a list of 48 constellations, and for the most part, described the longitude and latitude lines of the earth. His work, called the Tetrabiblos, is the foundation for modern astrology as it is practiced in the West. No original version of the Tetrabiblos is known to exist.

There are four books in the Tetrabiblos. (Outside of Griffith Observatory he walks up upon a plaque depicting the solar system.) The first book deals with the various alignments of planets, the moon, and the sun and which positions are favorable.

The second book describes astrology as it relates to countries. Ptolemy points out that astrological events of countries and race take precedent over those of the individual. He also details which planets rule over which country.

(Immant walks up upon a plaque that says "Spring/Fall Equinox Sunset.)

The third book dealt with the individual. It examines conception and birth, and suggests actually working with the conception. The father's influence was shown through the sun and Saturn, while the mother's was shown through the moon and Venus.

Finally, the fourth book of the Tetrabiblos makes matters of occupation, marriage, children, travel, and "houses" of the zodiac its focus.

(Inside the Observatory a mural depecting ancient Egyptians is shown before Immant arrives at a display called "Seeing the Big Picture".)

The particular angles of various planets were used to calculate these things.

There have been many accusations made against Ptolemy claiming inaccuracies and manipulation of data. He simply was before his time. Those who carried on his work have been able to make corrections based on new information. Destiny is no more than a mathematical equation that utilizes astrological data.

(The skyline of downtown Los Angeles can be seen over Immant's shoulder as he stands on the roof of the Observatory.)

I hope I haven't bored you. Sometimes I just like to hear myself talk.

(The video ends with a logo.)