Silent Treatment

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Template:Blog3 Silent Treatment is the eightieth video in the Lonelygirl15 video series.


Daniel: I'm not talking to Bree right now. She thinks this is some sort of game.

Bree: No I don't. And might I add, the Survival Skills thing was Owen's idea?

Daniel: See what I mean? My parents don't really care where I am. They're not exactly the "hands-on" type. I've called my mom every few days. She thinks I'm camping or whatever. Anyways, this sucks. I don't know who's following us or even if we're being followed. I was taking classes at a JC. I wanted to study film. It's just frustrating. My life's gone.

Bree: And what about my life?

Daniel: (He looks back at her, looks annoyed, but says nothing before he looks back to the camera.) I really just...wish things would go back to normal.