Stuff - and nyc!

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Episode MAR13
Stuff - and nyc!

Screw this! I'm going to get my degree at Hogwarts!

Blogger Marla
Date Posted October 25th, 2007
Length 2:18
Description You know that feeling when you're overwhelmed with "stuff" and it all seems to be coming at you simultaneously? Yeah. Anyway, I'm just going to sleep it off on the bus to NYC. Love you guys, see you soon!
YouTube Tags marla singer maddison atkins andrewbeast ottawa new york city clara stokes worry
Marla Maya Kramer
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Stuff - and nyc! is the thirteenth video in the xmarlasingerx video series, a component of the Maddison Atkins video series.


Marla: So visiting family in Canada... and I'll be honest it really wasn't... what I expected. Well, it's never what you expect it to be. You always come home to your small town thinking it's going to be quaint, and it always ends up being... not quaint. It reminds me of why I left, at the very least. It's like me and Andrew you know, I mean... It just seems like when I'm there he just, you know... He doesn't have the same time for me and I don't have the same time for him. It's really frustrating you know. You know, and then there's my degree which is like, really stressful because I don't know where I'm going to go or what I'm going to do. But my family's pressuring me into finishing it and I know they're right, which is the worst part. Always. I guess everything's just coming at me at once, you know? And on top of it all, for some reason, I keep finding myself worried about Clara. And I know she popped up the other day, and was talking to you guys on youtube, but... I dunno, when I left there she was just so... She seemed so fragile. There's something about it that really makes me worry. Anyway (tosses feather) tonight I'm going to New York City and... I'm coming for Skunk and Mike... and anyone else that can make it. I'm waering my pajamas and I have no makeup on so if I look ridiculously slobbish, don't blame me. All I need is a shower and about three cups of coffee. Should be good. I promise we'll post videos for anyone who can't be there. Okay, until then. Love you guys.