Survival Skills

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Template:Blog3 Survival Skills is the seventy-ninth video in the Lonelygirl15 video series.


(Bree and Daniel are sitting on the bed of a new motel room. Bree is addressing the camera, while Daniel is in the background reading a comic book)

Bree: This just in: Life on the run? Bo-o-o-o-o-o-ori-i-i-ing! I've been pretty busy. I did find a few hours to scrounge through the motel lobby bookshelf, though. At 4:30 in the morning. (Bree holds up a Boy Scout manual) I think since we're on our own, it's time we developed some survival skills. (Bree reads from the book) Survival tip number one: All adventurers must be supervised by a mature, responsible adult who understands the risks involved. (Bree looks up at the camera, then rolls her eyes back towards Daniel) This person is trained in and committed to the compliance with the seven points of the BSA's Adventure Safely procedure. Daniel?

Daniel: What?

Bree: Do you know the seven points of the BSA's Adventure Safely procedure?

Daniel: What?

Bree: Is that comic book about the BSA's adventure procedure? (Daniel goes back to reading) I'm the adult here. (Bree holds up the book) Survival tip number two: When in an emergency, use signal and distress codes. (Bree holds up three fingers) Attention. (Bree waves her arms low in front of her) Dismissal. (Cut to Daniel making the "dismissal" gesture) Thank you. (Daniel returns to his comic book. Bree spells out loud while making the ASL handshapes of the letters) D-A-N, "Dan"! "...iel" (Bree points at Daniel) Back in the community, we used the saying "OPAPHID" it's an acronym to guide our interaction with strangers. But I think I'll need a little more than that now. Daniel?

Daniel: Hm?

Bree: What is your community?

Daniel: I don't have a community. I'm living in a motel. Tell us about your community. (Bree rolls her eyes)

Bree: Survival tip number three: When traveling with animals, it's very important to be vigilant of rabies. (Bree looks back at Purple Monkey, Thor and Owen, then back to the camera with disgust. Cut to Bree holding Thor.) There are only two tests for rabies according to the handbook. The first and most conclusive involves drawing brain matter from the suspected animal, and this can only be done postmortem. Bummer. (Bree is now holding Purple Monkey) The second test is simply to observe the animal's behavior around a porcupine. (Purple Monkey starts thrashing around, and Bree looks concerned) Are you okay? Apparently all animals avoid porcupines in the wild. Except when they have rabies! (Bree puts up her hands like claws and makes a growling sort of noise. (Cut to Bree holding all the animals) So, the next time that we're in the presence of a porcupine, I'm going to be watching all of you very closely... (Bree looks at Purple Monkey) ...especially you. (Daniel throws down his comic book and gets up to walk away) Anyhoo, that's all for now. You are dis-missed. (Bree notices Daniel) What?

Daniel: (now off-camera) Just forget it.

Bree: (sighs and mouths "Okay.") Somebody is in a bad mood.


  • It is of course significant that Bree mentions "OPAPHID" as this is an obvious link to the OpAphid series of videos.