Survivalism (File 8/15)

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Episode 10/2x010
Survivalism (File 8/15)

Look familiar?

Blogger The Director
Date Posted November 22nd, 2008
Length 1:14
Description Julie's recovery. Linc actually acts like an agent for once.
YouTube Tags opzerosum zero-sum zero sum reznor lg15 lonelygirl15 linc russell tom julie gun shooting elder shadow survivalism nin
Linc Logan Rapp
Michael Unknown
Summer Unknown
Order Goon Unknown
Julie Unknown
Shadow Unknown
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Survivalism (File 8/15) is the tenth video in the The Home Office video series.


(Summer Cam with Michael's screen in the bottom left corner. Linc climbs over a chain-link fence)

Linc: Where's the signal?

Michael: Within a black. You have to be almost on top of it.

(Cut to security cam footage of the tunnel. Shot of the outside, followed by a shot of the Order Goon and Julie inside. Cut back to Summer Cam)

Linc: (Muttering) It had to be the fucking tunnel.

Summer: What?

Linc: Nothing.

Michael: You better move it. They're going to take the gloves off real soon, and those wounds don't heal.

Linc: Whatever (Micheal's screen fades out) Summer, go around the other side.

Summer: Why?

Linc: So you're out of my way. (Runs towards Tunnel)

(Cut to security footage. Linc enters the tunnel, and shoots the Order Goon. Cut to Julie Cam.)

Julie: It's about fucking time.

Linc: Ran out of Jack, had to make it run. You alright?

Julie: Yeah, I'm fine. Did you get the Shadow?

Linc: What?

Julie: The Shadow. He's here. He went out the back a minute ago.

Linc: Oh shit. (Starts running) Come on! (Cut to security camera footage. Linc and Julie exit the tunnel, followed by a Shadow holding a gun.)