TWJaniak: Truth in Friendship

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HSAO Video 1-04
TWJaniak: Truth in Friendship

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It may be snowing, but he'll still wear sunglasses.

Blogger Ms. Kelly
Date Posted October 13th, 2006
Description Guestspeaker: We are proud to present TWJaniak, sharing an important lesson for all of our students. We at HSA deeply appreciate the time TWJaniak took to provide our students with his valuable wisdom.
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TWJaniak: Truth in Friendship is the fourth video put up by Ms. Kelly of The Homeschoolers Aggregate. It is a guest lecture by TWJaniak.


TWJaniak: (Trees by a river in the fall.) Truth: the property of being in accord with fact or reality. (A new view of fall trees and river. A car drives by on the road.) These realities can be liberating, or they can be (A park where the ground is covered in fall leaves and a black bird walks along the ground.) frightening, leaving us cold and defenseless, alone in the world. (A clip of the tops of fall trees which pans down to old-fashioned buildings and a parking lot.) Truth (A fancy water fountain.) can be a thing of beauty and a source of great comfort, (Water rippling.) but when misinterpreted, (A clip of partially frozen water with seven fall leaves on it which pans out to a wider shot of a fountain.) truth can seem to be a nightmare. (TWJaniak in a tan coat, a blue button up shirt, and sunglasses. He is standing in a snow-covered field where snow is falling. There are snow-covered trees in the background. There is a fence off to the viewer's right and what appears to be a soccer goal off to the left.) Students, your peers, Bree and Daniel, are both suffering in their friendship because of a misunderstanding of the truth on both of their parts. For Daniel; he believes Bree is in danger in her ceremony because of the scant information he has about Aleister Crowley and his more nefarious undertakings throughout his life. Because of this, he believes Bree is in danger. Bree, on the other hand, believes Daniel is selfish and wants Bree to be... the person he wants Bree to be. Both Bree and Daniel are operating under opinions that they think are fact, that they think are reality, but they are both wrong. So what are people to do in their friendships and relationships when they may not have all the facts, when truth is not entirely understood? The bridge between friendship and truth is trust. Daniel needs to trust that Bree knows what she's talking about. Bree, for her part, needs to trust that... Daniel is only operating under what he knows to be fact. She has an obligation to correct those facts. (Wind picks up and TWJaniak looks around.) In your relationships with your friends, do not presume to know the truth. Trust your friends, trust that they know what they need, but also trust when your friends come to you with concerns. Explain to them what you understand to be the truth and listen to them and let them do the same for you. A world without trust is a frightening and scary place, learn to trust each other, otherwise your friendships and truth will be as cold and as barren (TWJaniak looks around himself again.) as this Friday the thirteenth.

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