Tales from the Minibar

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Tales from the Minibar

You know, during that cut scene I had time to think...

Blogger Paulmark18
Date Posted December 28th, 2006
URL youtube.com
Description Daniel, it's been awhile. We've been watching and are worried by what we see. We've come up with some advice for you and hope to hear from you soon!

(This video was uploaded November 26, 2006, however our account was hacked and this video was deleted. We'd appreciate it if you wrote your comments again!)

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Andrea Unknown
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Tales from the Minibar is the fourth video in the Paul & Andrea series, posted in response to Ransacked!. Paul is troubled by lack of contact from Daniel and Bree. Andrea is involved in a gruesome murder.


(Paul is alone in his bedroom.)

Paul: Hey guys, thanks for bearing with us. As you can bet things haven't been easy for me and Andrea lately. What with being stuck at home while your friends are on the run from who knows what. Not to mention having to watch our good friend's descent into madness via the internet.

(cut to Andrea in her bedroom.)

Andrea: But the kind notes and messages have really helped us through this difficult time. For example, Broken Kid wrote, "Hey Paul and Andrea, we need more videos, how about sending some suggestions to Bree and Daniel. Or at least something to keep their spirits up. Come on, colon, apostrophe." Oh wait, that means, like, smiley face, doesn't it?

Paul: Keep your spirits up, huh? Speaking of spirits, that reminds me of a message we recently received from viewer Milowent.. He hypothesized that the actual reason Daniel fled the first motel is because he had finally cleared out the minibar. Well, Milo. I can tell you with complete certainty that that is not the reason Daniel left. How do I know? Is it because Daniel would never do a thing like that? No, you should have seen him at some of our parties. No, the reason that I know that Milo's hypothesis is absolutely, positively, most definitely not the case is because motels don't have minibars. All joking aside, keep it up guys and try not to go insane. I'm glad you've abandoned, at least temporarily, your (unclear) defenses against the Order. Just sitting there, when in all likelihood they've probably already gone around you, is not the most convincing method. You need to keep moving at all times. I really hope you take my advice. Andrea and I have been really worried about you two. It's hard just sitting here when all this stuff is going on out there to you guys. We don't know what's happening. Also, it's been weeks now. You guys haven't called or anything.

(Cut to montage of Paul pacing around his room waiting for his cell phone to ring. It never does.)

Paul: Please, get in touch with us somehow. It's getting kind of awkward. Though I admit, not quite as awkward as the time Andrea killed the Great Pumpkin.

(Cut to a field, Paul is holding the camera and moving toward Andrea, who is standing next to an enormous, smashed pumpkin. Her umbrella is on top of it.)

Paul: Andrea, what did you do?!

Andrea: I, I was just walking by with my umbrella and, and, and--

Paul: Well, don't just stand there. Do something!

(Andrea reaches down to grab her umbrella, but recoils.)

Andrea: Ewww... I got some seeds on me!

Paul: Oh, wait 'til Linus hears about this.

(cut back to Paul in his room.)

Paul: You know, during that cut scene I had time to think. And I believe I've formulated a plan to help you guys, but my teacher just assigned this 10-page paper on something called the "Via Media," it was some sort of theological idea that was advocated, and yet secretly hated, by the philosopher John Henry Newman. Go figure. This thing sounds intense, so I better get started. But good luck you guys. And no more hiding out in motel rooms, okay?


  • When Paul says, "wait 'til Linus hears about this" he is referencing Charlie Brown's best friend Linus, in the Peanuts comic strip. Linus often told stories about the Great Pumpkin.
  • The Via Media, Latin for "the middle way," was a series of books John Henry Newman, a Theologian, wrote about the Anglican Church. He considered the Anglican Church to be the middle way between Catholicism and Protestantism.
  • Andrea describes the emoticon :' which does not represent a "smiley face" but rather "shedding a tear". She must have meant to say "colon parenthesis".
  • During the video, Paul has a Bree-like bandage on his right upper arm.
  • When originally posted on November 26th, 2006, the description of this video did not include the note in parenthesis.