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Jumping the Shark

  • are these super powers going to mark the moment at which lg15 jumps the shark? or did the series jump the shark a long long long time ago? personally, i think lg15 has jumped the shark so many time and now... the shark is jumping the show. its so bad its gone back t good again. - platy sep 12
  • I personally would be happy to never hear or see the words "jump the shark" again. IMO that particular phrase has jumped the shark.Suze900 17:47, 12 September 2007 (CDT)
  • lol... you have a point. it seems every other episode somebody is talking about jumping and sharks. i think everybody needs to get get over the fact that lg15 is a really dumb web show. from time to time it will sink to a new level of dumb but by no means does that mean the creators are desperate for new material. to the contrary, i salute the creators for finding new ways to create dumb videos all while continuing to bring me back for more. so here is to further adventures in water ski acrobatics! - platy sep 12
  •  ;-) Suze900 22:22, 12 September 2007 (CDT)


Didn't Bree say she heard trait-positive girls were VERY special? Maybe it's not just their life-sustaining blood, but that the Order needs their blood before trait-positive girls learn what they truly have and turn the Order into Chaos. ...Man, I gotta write that one down! "Turn the Order to Chaos; join the Resistance!" ;) --Nieriel.Manwathiel

Emma's Eternal Song

Can someone clear this up for me? :
from the Notes section said:
Some fans have speculated that Emma's powers were developed while she was learning to sing her own song with the Hymn of One--Nothing More, Nothing Less.
When was Emma with the HoO prior to this video? As far as I know, she lived with her parents (who had freaky sing-alongs when she went to bed), then was busted out of the house by Jonas and Daniel, and is now on the run with them. Just a tad confused. Grace2 89 14:25, 25 November 2007 (CST)