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Sorry Jay, but I really disagree with Buka's status as a "character". He purported to be an online fan who had no connection to Bree & Daniel any larger than any of us, except that he gets to run their fan site. Therefore if he's a character in LG, we all are. While he deserves a page, because his ineptness as forum admin led to the Anchor Cove secession and he was in a sense a bridge between the creators and the fans, he was not a part of the story at all. Also he can't be called an unseen character because by my definition (and I think a legitimate one), unseen characters only deserve that title if they've been mentioned in a video. Bukanator was never supposed to be part of the story, and he was never going to be seen on camera because he was not in their world. He was just a fan like all of us and therefore never a part of the story.

I agree. While I do think that this information is interesting to have in LGPedia, I don't think that it necessarily belongs with the Unseen characters, all of whom actually exist within the LG15 universe. Twistofreality 12:02, 1 October 2006 (PDT)