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I noticed you took the to-do list off this talk page. Is the page complete? --Zoey 19:17, 24 September 2007 (CDT)

  • no the page is not complete but i sort of made the notes for myself anyway. i'd like to see people other than me contribute to this page because i'm not really an expert on feminism. i took my to-do list down because i didn't want to give people the wrong idea. my new list is like this:
i am looking for
(a) gender role reversal. when does daniel or jonas act like the girl and when does bree act like the boy?
(b) females with brains. media generally does not depict women who possess wisdom and logic and power. of course, lg15 breaks all these rules.
(c) acts of defiance. bree defies not only her family but her religion and ultimately her friends.
my thoughts on characters so far... relevant or not
(a) bree - she begins the series as a rather meek character and we see her transform
(b) sarah - she might be selfish and foolish but this girl chooses to define happiness for herself
(c) tachyon - she never appears on camera does she? i've often wondered if tachyon was actually a guy, using a female avatar.
(d) emma - seems to mirror bree's path
(e) taylor - madd hacker skills. almost too madd. i almost feel she's here to replace tachyon.
(f) lucy - i'd like to know her back story. she always appears so cold and masculine on camera but looking back at bree's older blogs, she talks about lucy in such a bizarre way.
(g) bree's mother - i love the story about bree's parents meeting. it's great. - platy sep 25

kate chopin, the akakening

  • the reason why i removed the connection between bree's sacrifice and edna's suicide is because bree's dead was sacrificial and selfless while edna's death was more vain. both stories of course, are strong in feminist themes. thank you however, for adding to the list. - platy sep 26

what is feminism? how does it apply to lg15?

feminism is a difficult topic to discuss because it seems to only make sense as a movement within the context of a chapter of history. as a philosophy, it seems to fall apart. when i look at lg15, i try to look at feminism as a literary device.

all characters in their own way are trying to express their free will. free will has been a constant theme in lg15 since the beginning. so you could argue to an extent that my fixation of feminism is itself an anti-feminist or misogynistic thing to do. i mean, is it really such a feminist statement when a female expresses a little independence? there comes a point when recognizing these small steps becomes rather patronizing and trivializing of the feminist movement.

i'd like to hear from the community. is feminism a deliberate theme within the lg15? - platy

I don't understand why lg15 would be considered feminst

I keep getting directed to this page as I browse the lgpedia, and I find myself repeatedly thinking "How is that feminist?" Gender roles are not just represented, but blatantly praised. Bree claims there are gender roles regarding reaction to stress and Jennie, who otherwise seems like a feminist herself, claims there are gender roles regarding reasoning. Sarah constantly uses her sexuality to achieve her goals, as has Mallory, which we certainly never see any of the boys doing. Sarah is repeatedly referred to as a "slut," and she got shot down when she tried to make a feminist statement by building the bird house. They somewhat made up for this when Gina built her bench, but it was still there. A couple times, women who are upset are denounced as "hormonal." And do I really need to mention Danielbeast's "Tired of B*tches" video?

Yet this page seems to assert that lonelygirl15 is feminist, because out of the 5 bazillion times that somebody rescued somebody else in the series, a few of them were women rescuing men. And because female teenagers sometimes defy their parents. And the blooming flower is a real stretch.

I see a lot of work was put into this page, so I feel bad shooting it down like this, but I just can't see it making sense. Or at least it needs a companion page about anti-feminist themes.

  • I gotta say, I've been noticing this for awhile. I honestly couldn't have said it better myself. I know platy has put a lot of time into this but this entire page really has no solid feminism. If I'm wrong, I honestly don't see why the page should be around if only a couple videos have feminism in it. The same goes for the Jonas bath tub page. Yeah, it's a quirk but does it really need it's own page? Anyway, back to feminism. I honestly don't see why this page is around considering there are false statements of feminism and if there are a couple videos that have some feminism statements, do they really need their own page? Chelsey 15:32, 28 May 2008 (CDT)